Roku @ Remote Location From Tablo

Any idea when I would be able to access the Tablo at another location with my Roku?

I’ve got an Roku that I take with me when I travel and would love the ability to access my Tablo remotely.

Being able to use most any other device, except the Roku remotely is really limiting. Espeically when things like the Roku stick are designed to be accessed remote.

@jeremymc7 Remote access for the Roku is on the road map, but I don’t have an ETA just yet. We’re looking to hire a Roku dev to get things moving along for the Roku.

I also am interest in getting Roku to work at remote location. Roku 3 and Roku stick work well at home, but no remote connection. Remote operation with Roku is needed to cut the cable there. This is important to me and I’m sure too many prospective customers.

Just checking to see if there is any progress being made toward this.  I often toss the Roku in my luggage when I’m going to be at a hotel for a few weeks and use it to watch Amazon Prime and Netflix.  It would be great if I could use it to watch everything I have already recorded on my Tablo as well.

For me this is the NUMBER ONE priority. To be able to use my Roku anywhere I am to access my Tablo ay home.

@Golfer44 @skraut @jermymc7 It’s been a little while since my last post on this - but since then, we’ve hired a Roku dev and are in the middle of an exciting revamp of the channel. No details on whether or not Tablo Connect will be included in this straight away - but believe me, we’re giving lots of love to Roku right now. Many things to come, all in due time :slight_smile:

Any update on this feature?

Did you really have to resurrect 2 separate threads asking the same question? :confused:

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Unfortunately no Tablo Connect for the Roku. Get a Nexus Player, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield.


Yes, the reason I replied in two threads was because I figured there were two different sets of users that would respond with additional info. Thanks for your answer.

NP and Fire TV Stick both work excellent. I’ve taken the FireTV stick to a hotel and it worked perfect.

Unfortunally Nexus, FireTV and Nvidia Shield don’t have Vudu or really any decent UV player. Nor do they all have Amazon Video either.

Only Roku has all the major streaming services.

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Android TV has Cinemanow which works just fine. It also has an announced VUDU app coming soon.

Can a Nexus Player connect remotely using an email-style login, or is it neccesary to do some ‘pairing’ in the home network every time my Tablo LAN IP changes?


Must pair in home.

No email type login exists on any device currently.

They’ve made improvements to Tablo Connect where rebooting of your modem / router which results in the WAN IP changing no longer results in unpairing aka the paired device survives this event. So the need to re-pair is quite infrequent.

As for LAN IP changes, this is very simple to solve. Have your router assign the same LAN IP (aka internal IP) to your Tablo, the feature is called DHCP Reservation on your router. If the Tablo forwards the ports automatically using UPnP to for example, then your reboot your router and the router now assigns to your Tablo then you will need to uncheck Remote Access and then re-check Remote Access in Settings to have the Tablo forwards the ports again using UPnP to the new internal IP. This issue is easily solved with DHCP Reservation as the Internal IP of the Tablo will never change.

As others said - must pair at home first. Hope they move the logon / password to sometime in 2016

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Thanks to all for clarifying the ‘pairing’ needed.

Yes for the past month it has been pair only once and walk away. All my foreign devices which still haven’t connected locally still work.