Roku Remote Connect

Do we have any ETA on Roku remote connect. IE using Roku on different network (vacation house / hotel) from Tablo (primary home.

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We have been told username and password remote viewing is on the to-do list. Likely this year kind of thing.

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But when will it be added to the Roku Preview or for that matter when will Roku= other platforms?

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I would think the only thing holding back remote viewing on the Roku is the lack of username and password function.

But who knows.

Based on speed of development, I certainly wouldn’t expect it this year. Maybe 2016.

Tablo Connect, while important, just isn’t something that has been the focus of any upgrades since the Tablo was originally released. And the Roku preview channel is still missing a lot of functionality that the other platforms have.

But who knows. This firmware release coming up is probably the biggest rewrite the Tablo folks have done since the original release. I assume they have a plan for the rest of the year, and nothing should be quite as complex as what they have done this month. Maybe they will have time to work on it.

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After 2.2.3 (if that’s what it will be - maybe .5 or something else) that will free them up to get the Roku up to the other platforms, or add sign in / password option to EVERYTHING at the same time).

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This latest update will include a fairly significant update to the Roku app as well, but it will not add Tablo Connect.

If you’re itching for something you can pick up & take with you to the cottage/travel try picking up a FireTV stick. They’re cheap and Tablo Connect enabled.

Good to know. The problem with steaming boxes that’s aren’t Roku (like FireTV) is that they don’t have Vudu. Once Android TV has a Vudu app I’ll be done with Roku but until then it’s the only streamer that has everything I need: Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and Tablo.