Roku Recording Info Improvement

I’ve got Tablo recording shows just like I had hoped it would.  When I go into Tablo-Recordings I can see the shows with images & names of the shows on the graphics (side note: the android app has some shows with random images that don’t say the shows name.  It was hard for me to find Scandal!)  …   when I scroll through the shows the pop-up text is the generic “about this series” text.  

For example…on Roku…Recordings…under last week, I see Scandal.  But the pop-up text says “1h 2012-04-05 “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes returns with another drama for ABC…”   It’s the same for every series that’s been recorded.  

It would be a lot more useful if the pop-up text listed specific information about the episode that was recorded.  Something like “1h 2014-04-10 Season 3, Episode 17, Flesh and Blood.  The team must spring into action following a security breach; Fitz’s campaign stalls.”

What would really be a superb improvement is for the DATE RECORDED and Channel to be shown below the ICON like on Aereo: Sunday April 13th WSB TV ABC At the very least the date.

Added to the list! Thanks for your feedback guys!

I’d like to weigh in on this.  Let’s be specific.  Let’s say I have recorded NCIS.  In the recorded window, I will see an icon with a picture and name identifying NCIS.  A date seems to show up when you select the icon:  " 1 hr 2003-09-23"  I believe this is some kind of date dealing with the shows original start or some such.  This date is not something that we ever need to see.  This first page that shows up after you click on the icon is a series info page where it also says “crime drama - action”.  When you click on episodes, the next page which is a picture, name, and date the episode viewed and was recorded.  This we need.  Please remove the “2003-09-23” type dates from all of the general series info page.  Very confusing.

I agree & I’m a Tablo newbie.

I am a potential Tablo customer.  Am I understanding this correctly: can you record OTA programming AND ROKU programming?


OTA only, not Roku programming


No you can only record OTA programming. You can playback said recordings on a Roku though.