Roku rebooting

@kbace6, have you tried the new app since the Tablo firmware update yesterday? It should fix your problems.

I am currently not a fan of the new channel either. I pretty much don’t use it for the most part. I have tried it since the Tablo firmware update, but I still much prefer the old channel. although the crashing problem MIGHT be fixed when the Roku firmware update goes live, the new Tablo firmware most definitely did NOT fix it.

The ‘old’ channel won’t be replaced until the new one reaches feature parity. We’ve got a ways to go yet.

The crash issue you’re seeing is based on a problem with the Roku firmware. As some have mentioned Roku has a beta in testing right now. We hope it gets pushed soon.

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There might be a workaround for this rebooting issue. I have noticed that after FFwding if I press the OK button there is a risk of a reboot, but if I press the Play button I have not been seeing reboots. This might explain why some are seeing the issue and others are not.

I’ve also successfully stopped a reboot from happening. After skipping ahead and clicking OK, it it looks like it will hang, I do a skip back and skip forward, then OK. Since trying this we have not had a hard reboot.

I’m still using the original Roku Tablo app, and noticed fast forward will get stuck after clicking the OK button around 25% of the time.
I also skip back, and forward again to get the spot I wanted.
I haven’t had a Roku reboot in 4 weeks, and this coincides with this workaround for fast forward loading getting stuck.
I’ll try pressing the Play button, like @philsoft mentioned to see if the loading hang goes away completely.

What an aggrevating evening…6 reboots and 2 requiring pulling the Roku power cord…

Really spoils the Tablo user experience.

I had similar experience until I lowered my recording resolution from 1080P to 720p on the Tablo. now I have been reboot free for 2 weeks. Anything recorded in 1080P may still have issues but I am pleased. Also, previous posts say Roku has a Beta fix out since this is really their issue, not Tablos.

Sad to report that I only record in 720p, and all of my recordings have been made in 720p yet my 5 Roku 3 boxes crash / reboot over and over again once the new Tablo firmware and app along with the update to Roku occurred. Nothing has fixed this horrendous bug despite factory resets, different keystroke entries, etc. Makes Tablo nearly useless for shows with commercials.


This issue is still occurring. None of the fixes suggested here have worked. Ten days since the last post and nada from Tablo. No help, no support. It is easy to point the finger at the Roku however the crashing only occurs with the Tablo app. The Roku works fine with Netflix and everything else.

How does one get the beta Roku firmware?

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You go to the Roku forums and sign up for their beta testing. Except they are quite exclusive unlike Tablo and likely won’t let you be a beta tester cause they have enough testers already.

The crashing has occurred on other channels than Tablo so it would appear it’s a global Roku firmware bug.

People with the rebooting issues, are you wired or wireless to the roku? Also what type of router are you using? It used to happen to me, but ever since the .30 firmware, it has all stopped.

Brand new Tablo user. I am using a Roku 3 via wireless (my tablo is hard wired to ethernet). Firmware on both Roku and Tablo are up to date. My Roku reset last night while fast forwarding (using the new Roku app). No big deal but hopefully there will be a solution.

This popped up on several apps including Tablo when Roku updated their firmware. Roku is testing a beta that fixes this for all apps it affected.

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This extremely annoying problem has been going on nearly two monthes, lierally starting exactly the day and time Tablo issued its update. I have ONLY Roku access to my Tablo, use Roku 3 boxes hard wired in all 6 locations, and all of my Rokus fail exactly the same way------when navigating FF or fast rewind—hitting play crashes the Roku very very often. It makes watching Tablo shows a really disappointing experience.


Even if other chsnnels have also recently begun crashing, it is entirely possible that BOTH THEY AND TABLO are using the Roku API’s INCORRECTLY !!! Blaming this issue on Roku, dismissing it as only a small number of affected users, is an absolutely CRAPPY customer attitude !!

I have over $1000 recently invested in 4 tuner Roku, lifetime subscription, hard disk, and Rokus which worked GREAT for several months and suddenly turns into a POS exactly at the time Tablo pushes an upgrade I never requested. No way to revert. No proactive attempt to look at Tablo code to see if a new bug came with the firmware upgrade by Tablo.


I strongly appeal to Tablo to carefully reconsider this situation snd stop the finger pointing and dismissive attitude. YOU HAVE AN UNRESOLVED PROBLEM WHICH IS TERRIBLY AFFECTING YOUR USERS. Your future and reputation are at stake.

Thank you.

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I can imagine it is an annoying problem and somewhat mysterious as other hard wired roku 3 users have experienced no roku crashing. Hope you have opened a ticket.


Open a Support Ticket so you can have a direct line of communication with them. Call them even.

Roku is beta testing a fix for this. People testing the beta say it has solved the problem. I have seen threads on at least 6 other apps that have the issue on Roku user forums.

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Roku is notoriously slow at releasing firmware updates so I would not hold your breath. Nor do they provide any timeline on when updates will be released. You just have to sit back and wait.

I am experiencing this issue as well. I happen to have the Beta Roku firmware on one of my boxes and I can tell you that I do NOT experience the crashing on THAT box, so that tells me that it IS indeed a Roku issue. The most recent Beta build that they have pushed to me is from May 6th. I would guess, based on Beta history with Roku, that they will probably go live with public release soon (like maybe a within a week or two) unless some major issue crops up.

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