Roku Question

Not sure how much you can share with us but I know there has been a lot of discussion about more improvements to Roku headed our way.  Can you give us an idea on what improvements we can expect next and a tentative timeline?

I hear the interface will be closer to the webapp view…

A few things we definitely want to do are:

Fix the skip so it’s consistent (30 seconds) across all Rokus
- Add watched/new flags on all platforms including Roku
- Add a more grid-style view for Live TV in Roku

Those are in order from easiest to hardest and therefore soonest to be done to ‘it’s gonna take us a bit’. And that’s not the full list, just the big pieces of the puzzle.

Roku will still mostly look like Roku but our goal is to make it easier to use, more fully featured and have better performance.

Any eta for at least the 30 second skip? 

Sorry - I don’t have one to share right now. I know it’s one of our top priorities once we finalize manual recordings.