Roku Premier & Ultra LT on sale at Walmart

Walmart is offering two models at a good price if you are in the market for a new Roku.

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I bought a new Roku Ultra LT 4801RW from Walmart - great Black Friday pricing!

But, I was not able to get it setup properly. There appears to be a problem with getting the HDMI ARC connection to my soundbar working on my TV. I don’t get any sound through the soundbar.

I tried it on another TV that only has internal speakers and it works fine.

Fortunately, the 4670X is working properly with the Gen4 Tablo App. So I just reinstalled it. It doesn’t have any problems with the HDMI ARC soundbar. So it’s staying in for now.

Again, it sure looks like this problem is due to the 12.5.0 Roku Firmware update. The 4801RW is using 12.5.0 Build 4178-DE.

I searched the Roku Community Forum and others have recently reported the same problem.

I’ll wait to see if Roku fixes the problem, or I’ll just return the 4801RW.

I think the actual ultra 4802 might be going on sale for black friday for $70