Roku OS v9.0.0 Build 4142-46 heads up

Want to make it clear I find no issues with the current Roku Tablo app.

However, the following Roku apps have all crashed back to the Roku main screen, or caused the Roku to crash, and reboot:
Sling TV

Roku Ultra…
Model: 4660X
Firmware: v9.0.0 Build 4142-46

My 4660x if running on 9.0.0 Build 4142 and is fine. Tried to update and it said no update. When did you get the -46? Cheers, Jim

We’re both running the same Roku OS version.
The -46 is a model designator, which is a Roku Ultra Model 4660X.

The complete firmware OS version will display with the model designator in the Roku:
Home (button) ->
Settings ->
System ->

OK Got it. I was on the Tablo app info. But mine is the same as yours in the Roku about, and I have no problems with You Tube (on it everyday) or Netflix (on it 2-3 times a week). Never had Sling TV or Twitch - so can’t comment on them.

My Roku is connected via network cable to the router.
Is yours set up that way, too, or wireless?

Mine is hard wired to an old Airport Express running as an extended network from my AirPort Extreme router two rooms away.

Rokus are funky mother* devices, whenever they give me problems I factory reset them. When you relink them to your Roku account all your channels (apps) are reinstalled so it’s not that painful.

Ah yes, the nuclear option. :wink:

Have to log in, or relink all apps.
'Tis painful to meh.