Roku OS 11 Coming Soon

@TabloTV, just saw that Roku will be rolling OS v11 in the coming weeks/month. Hoping you had access to Roku’s beta program to make sure it won’t break anything!

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Nicknames for prior Roku releases: Bigger, Slower, What??!!

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You forgot auto-reboot and random reboot.

And audio-now-garbled-forever

I think those are features, Roku is always an innovator… :thinking:


Fear not.

We’ve got a beta update in QA now that addresses some of the new ‘features’ in Roku OS 11.

It’ll be ready before the public rollout starts.


My Roku Ultra is running OS 11 now, everything seems to be working okay. :+1:


My Roku Ultra is running OS 11 now, too, with no issues. :slight_smile:

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My TCL Roku TV updated yesterday also with no issues. Tried a manual update on the Streambar that is attached to it but no updates available…at least for now. Sure it will update at a later point.

Some of my Roku’s updated this weekend, and no problems were noted.

I’m seeing some quirky behavior with the Tablo and my one Roku that is on 11. My other Roku still on 10.5 is not seeing this.

  1. Frequently, When launching the app, we get a black screen with a spinning circle in the middle. Have to exit and relaunch the app.
  2. Today one program recorded fine, another gives me the error “this video is not playable on your device using the current settings” Surround is not enabled on Roku or Tablo. Video plays without error on Roku 10.5 device.

Received my first of 5 Roku OS 11 update on March 24,(build 4161, 4173, 4180, 4184 and 4193). All of them gave me the same problem, I loose the ability to run closed captions, even if I deactivate and reactivate it. A reinstall of the app doesn’t correct the problem, only a full factory reset can get me back the closed captions. I am using a Roku express 4k. Please, if you are using a Roku express 4k can you verify if closed captions is working for you ?. I would like to know if I am the only one with that problem. Note that the closed captions is working on my other apps on Roku ( Netflix, Prime Video…). I already opened a ticket with Tablo, but they haven’t found the problem yet.
I am really getting tired of doing factory reset.

Any idea when the rollout will be completed?

The Roku site made vague references as to it being complete by the end of April.

The reason I’m asking, only one of my three Roku Streaming Stick+ devices were upgraded.

I believe that it happened April 24.

I’ve jumped through all of the hoops recommended, numerous times on both devices that still retain version 10.5.0. But each time I use ‘Check now’, this window pops up, “All software is up to date”.

Yet, both units have been updated with channel updates, or whatever.

So Roku does see both units running 10.5.0.

My Roku 3930X Express updated 5/13 7AM, no problems at all with OTA Dual.

My system just updated this week and as I got through the week I have started to watch channels drop from the schedule. I have rebooted, checked network connections and done everything I can. Now my system will not do updates, and not update the schedule at all. I am now missing my recordings.

I have a ticket in with support about all this plus tracking from my firewall of the connections to lack of connections today. It used to connect to a site for content and now that site is down.

Hope support can reach out soon!