Roku OS 10.0 is coming

Will be interesting to see if this impacts the Tablo app in any meaningful way. Release notes…

This one sounds somewhat interesting:

Instant Resume - Select streaming channels now support instant resume, a feature that helps users get back to the content they were watching within these supported channels faster. When launching a supported channel from the Roku home screen, users will now be taken directly to the place within the channel they left off so they can resume from that same point within the channel. Instant resume is currently supported on 15+ channels including The Roku Channel, Starz, and Plex, and will be available from additional channels over time.

My JVC Roku TV updated to Roku 10. Tablo app working fine. I do see that the times on the rewind/fast forward now include seconds, not just hours and minutes. I like that.

Wow! They caught up with my Shield. Good for them. I think my Roku is using 10?? I will have to check.