Roku- no Play button

I recently received a Tablo. I now have it installed and I have recorded a show, which I can play from my iPhone, so I know it has successfully recorded. However, I can not get it to play from my Roku 3. I launch the Tablo app on the Roku, go to Recordings and see the show, which has a ‘1’ in the upper right corner. I select the show and it then only shows a ‘Delete’ button. No Play button. Why do I not see a Play button?

I believe you need to use the arrow keys and scroll down.
The episodes should be there.


Thank you! That did it. These aren’t the most intuitive steps.

I swear there used to be an arrow pointing down that would help infer another screen. Weird.

Glad you got it working.

Hopefully they add a visual cue to let people know there is more screens.

This will be changed in our next Roku release. We’ll be adding a big fat ‘recordings’ button that will be impossible to miss :smile: