Roku missing 19 episodes (again)

Over the year of ownership of my Tablo with Roku players, I have experienced an ongoing problem with recordings which show up and play correctly on my iPhone yet do not show up or play on my Roku players. The Roku Tablo channel app as well as the latest Preview app show the correct home page icon, but clicking on it only results in a long delay, a few screen updates, and a return to the home page. No display of seasons / episodes.

Since I have encountered this situation twice before, submitted a ticket, and talked with support, my ultimate and only solution was a hard reset and a loss of all contents. The corrupted data structure could not be repaired in any other manner apparently.

Since this is now again recurring, I have added a Windows driver to mount Tablo hard disk volumes, Paragon’s Linus ExtFS driver, and can mount and then traverse the Tablo directory structure and load and POTENTIALLY edit a damaged tree, linked list, or other data structure which is now defective.

Are there repair tools, published data structures, or any anecdotal suggestions for a “do it yourself” solution? I really hate to (once again) dump hundreds of recordings to fix the home page with no reclaiming of hidden recordings.

Thanks for any suggestions.


I’ve not had a great deal of luck with ExtFS driver from Paragon. I opted to use a Linux VM in my desktop machine instead. It can be read natively in Linux so there’s no chance of transfer corruption which I was seeing using Paragon’s tool. As to rebuilding the database, quite frankly I am very surprised this instant the normal course of actions at tablo support. Had they knew the database was so susceptible to corruption though, I suppose they would have already found the reason(s) behind it and fix it. Best suggestion I have is to back it up once you have good access to the file structure by whatever means you choose to use. It is possible to pick and choose what shows/movies are important enough to keep and convert them into mp4 files. If you get to this point and what to convert, I can put together for you what I use so you need not have to figure all of that out.


Just following your lead in the previous post, but it might be you would like to try Tablo Ripper. I have heard it does find lost recordings and if so it will convert them into mp4’s automatically for you. Don’t know if you are using PLEX, but if so, they can be automatically ripped and put right into your PLEX server to be view using PLEX. ROKU works perfectly well with PLEX.


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Thanks very much Rodger for excellent guidance. I use the Ripper with good results but was neither aware it could see these hidden recordings nor wanted the effort to transfer / convert the 19 files. Until I fix the corrupt structure I am also forced to continue ripping daily to get future hidden recordings, so my strong preference is to remove the corruptlon if tools or hex editing would permit. Perhaps ripping the 19 followed by iPhone deletion of all would give me a new and uncorrupted parent and allow a normal icon to emerge on Roku with correct behavior.

Will check this out and report back. Thanks again.

Switched to beta Preview app from Tablo and the bug has been fixed!!

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