Roku LT Buffering

My new Tablo is working well. I can watch on my laptop and phone without issue. The Roku doesn’t work well - it stops and buffers every 5 or 6 seconds. Is that because the LT sucks? Wifi strength in the area is good. I put the quality down to SD and it buffers only every 20 seconds now. I’d rather have great quality and no buffering, however. Would a new Roku fix that problem? Or does this sound more like wifi isn’t as great as I thought?

Roku LT is pretty old tech, you should probably pop for a newer Roku model

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Indeed… Technically it’s not supported.

You’ll have a much better experience with a newer model…

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Yeah it’s old, but so am I :wink: The question was does the age cause the buffering problem? Netflix, plex, et all all work fine. Only Tablo fails to play well. And thus, if I replace with a newer model, will I have the same problem? It sounds like you’re saying a newer model will work fine. I’ll look into purchasing a newer one- thanks for that recommended link. If anyone else has thoughts, I’m happy to hear them. thank you

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Newer Roku devices have MUCH faster processors and often have faster WiFi connections than old clunker models like the LT.

Both of these can cause buffering.

Plus, Netflix and other streaming services will adjust your streaming quality dynamically to avoid buffering. Tablo does not and depending on your recording/live TV quality settings, can be sending MUCH more data than they do… It’s not a good comparison.