Roku LPW Again and again

I went back to using Roku.I tried watching RECORDED NBC NIGHTLY NEWS but got LPW when it started then again in two minutes and gave up. I tried on NP and it started instantly and not a single LPW. I recommend using a NP to watch Tablo. Roku has problems. Perhaps the problems I had a with SlimgTV were really Roku. Should have tried SlingTV on NP.

Rokus must need a stellar network to work well. I have two wired Roku 3s and another on 5ghz wifi and they have been working without fail since the latest Roku/Tablo updates…knock on wood. I even stuck a Roku 1 (2710) in my basement and it plays just as well. The remote gets wacky down there for some odd reason so we have to use the phone apps but considering the distance and obstacles I’m impressed.

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I currently have everything wireless. The Roku 4 is in the living room with the router. The Tablo and NP are in the bedroom.

I don’t even attempt watching Sling on the Roku. Constant buffering, crashing and freezing. The Shield tv and Fire tv are completely different though. The Roku just doesn’t play well with some apps for some reason

I have had a few issues too. But I have been able to now recognize that is is 10x worse on live tv than recorded… Its the strangest thing. I can watch hours of recorded content without an issue and do this on multiple tv’s too. Load up on live stream and everything just halts to a grind other than that 1 tv with it running.

My Tablo is wired, with 1 roku 3 wired and one wireless. To be honest I can not tell a difference in reliability or quality from one to the other.

Watching recorded shows had been perfect since the latest Roku/Tablo updates until I experienced the old Roku freeze/reboot a couple nights ago. Everything was fine again after the reboot. It’s a Roku 3 (wireless) and 2-channel Tablo (hardwired). I have begun to get intermittent LPW errors over the past week or so while watching Live TV…particularly frustrating while watching the NFL playoff games. I’m going to try re-acquiring the off air signals to see if that helps. I’m also considering splitting the antenna signal and having it feed the TV directly for watching live. Nothing has changed on my network so it’s a bit perplexing. Just when everything had been going so well…

I figure I will ask this here since its somewhat similar. How are your loading times when starting to play a recorded show or after a fast forward? Back before the new Roku app it was 2-3 seconds. It varies quite a bit now. Last night we were up to 30-45 seconds to have it play or pick back up after skipping through commercials.

Both are 2-3 seconds to start playing on my Roku 3s. My Tablo is hardwired as are my two main Roku 3s.

My Tablo4 is wired but my Roku3 is wireless. Starting a recording playback is a couple of seconds, and starting again after fast fowarding is nearly instant (under a second).

Quality settings?

1080-8…and I do see the instant start/resume on occasion but most of the time it’s 2-3 seconds.

In the DVR audience, the people are divided into two separate, yet equally important groups. The people who only record shows, and those who also watch them. This is my story…

Apologies for the homage to Law & Order… :smile:

I started out with the default recording quality. Then I was having trouble with the Loading…Wait on the Roku so I switched to the Roku/Chromecast quality. Then I replaced my 5 years old router and I changed back to the recommended quality. Then I realized I made a mistake to only get a 1 TB disk because my disk was filling up faster than the shows could be watched with Ellen and cooking shows (no comment), so the quality went back down to Roku/Chromecast level (now called 3 mbsp).

I don’t think I have seen a Loading…Wait message on the Tablo/Roku since version 9044 came out. But I do see similar messages on Netflix.

If you didn’t follow all that, my recording quality is now 3 mspb.

Thanks for the feedback. I just opened a ticket for support for the loading time issues since mine seem to be 10-15X everyone elses.

My settings are on the higher 720p setting… 5mbps?

I’m using a 2 way splitter. One output directly to TV, the other to Tablo. Works well for me as I have a strong incoming signal from my outdoor antenna setup. Splitter signal loss may cause problems with Tablo connection if your signal is marginal. This is also a good way to instantly surf channels by switching inputs to TV or Tablo

I have a -3db attenuator on my system because one channel is actually too strong with my amplified antenna, but a couple of the other channels need the amplifier. We’ll see how it all works once I add the splitter.

I’m still in the Roku beta group and they have been sending out 7.1 betas. Last night I used the Roku 3 rather than the Nexus player and had flawless performance at 1080p - 10Mbs. Nice to have the Roku working well again. Hopefully 7.1 will be good when it goes general release.