Roku "Loading..."; then drops out

I’ve been having an issue watching live TV on a hard wired Roku3 with both public and beta Tablo apps. When first starting to watch a program, the video will start up and play for a minute or so. Then, I will get the “Loading… Please wait” message. Rather than returning to the video, the app will bounce back out to the program screen. I’ll click “watch” again. Sometimes this returns to the video, sometimes I get audio but only a black screen. Usually the longer I’m on a live channel the less frequently this happens. It will go to the loading… message and then return to video, and eventually stop the loading… messages altogether. Antenna signal is excellent - there are never any issues with video quality while playing. Max recording quality is 720 - 5 Mbps, though I’m not recording these shows, only watching live.

Here’s a video showing the problem:

@Kblodorn - That’s odd. The ‘checking connection’ message means your Roku lost connection to the network. Can you touch base with support? We’d like to log into your Tablo to see what’s happening and talk about your network so we can get this fixed for you:

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I did report to tech support as well. I’m going to try dropping record quality from 720 - 5Mbps to 720 - 3Mbps. I’m hesitant to point to the Roku, since it’s hardwired to the same network router as the Tablo and it does not have issues with network connection when streaming from web based video sites (Netflix and Amazon), nor when playing back recorded video from Tablo. This only really happens when trying to watch live TV on the Tablo. I’ll post updates as I try suggestions from tech support.

I had the same issue of briefly getting connection lost & thrn not able to watch live or recording from roku or tablet. Since was near support cutoff, rebooted Tablo.