Roku live guide 4th gen

Notice Scripts News is in wrong location on live guide. I believe it is caused by some earlier channels missing guide data. Guide is ok up to when first channel missing guide data.

LOL. Fun!

Between all these station changes and the Roku having its own mind, good luck figuring all that out!

At least it records correctly. I scheduled from Shows Screen.

Getting AppleTV app will have me sto osting about Roku.

I’ve never been much of a Roku fan. It looks like a 7 year old’s tablet screen!

I get that they’re easy to use and being one of the oldest streamers, things tend to work very well on them. Adjusting to something different can also be hard for some users. For me, it just feels too restrictive. However, it does have obscure apps that often Android/FireOS do not have, but then I’m limited to THAT device if I want to watch it. If the LG WebOS version was released tomorrow, I would still use that Roku for the reason I got it – the Roku Cam I stupidly bought – but it would definitely be nice to have fewer “doodads” connected.

Glad to hear that your recorded programs are correct, though!

I tought the last roku user that reported this rebooted the tablo and rebooted the roku and let the guide reload at app start. Of course there was a time when adding OTA channels via roku mucked up the grid while the guide was correct.