Roku just pushed out an update

I hate when Roku does this at about the same time as a Tablo update… last time this happened there were some Roku issues with the Tablo, but it took a while to determine that the updated Roku software was at fault.

I have 4 streaming sticks (3400X & 3500X) and all are now running, updated from

Keeping my fingers crossed…

Uh… hasn’t 7.5 been out for a while?

Yes, mind updated to 7.5 over a week ago and it is even better that before. Almost as quick as NP and Mi II. Life is now good again (after last nite),

Not sure when they started pushing it out, but all 4 of my Rokus picked it up just this morning. Looking good so far, but I’ll know more when I start watching some more recorded content and seeing how well it handles fast forwards, where the problem surfaced with a previous update.

Any of your Roku 4s hardwired?
If yes, how long does it take to tune in an untuned channel?

Ooops… read it wrong.
You have 4 Rokus, not Roku 4s.

Just the regular Roku sticks, all on Wi-Fi… one is an older MHL type that came with my living room TV, and the others are the regular sticks, all the older ones. Thing is, they all perform near flawlessly, mostly due to my network (TP Link Archer C7) as well as my antenna, which brings in signals really well.

My Roku3 just got updated to 7.5 tonight, no problems so far (still on 2.10)

I have some time on the Roku update now, and no issues so far, other than the minor ones I had before the update. Those are 1) Occasionally when scrolling through the live TV guide, I’ll get kicked out of the Tablo app, and 2) When watching live TV and I’m coming up on a time when recordings are scheduled, I get kicked out of live TV and back to the live TV guide.

In both cases, I’m able to quickly and easily get back to where I was… other than those, my old Roku streaming sticks continue to do a great job for me with Tablo.