Roku guide

Hey Tablo folks, just got a Roku 3 and was wondering about the guide features of Tablo on the Roku. Is there anything beyond the guide on the live tv channel (which is only showing the current show playing, not what is coming up). I like using my Tablo guide interface on my tablet (iPad) so I was wondering if there was anything similar .

@ddburgess - We don’t have the full ‘grid’ experience on the Roku. It’s a popular feature so we’d like to work it into the app in the coming months. 

My father (Who is technically inept) Just got a Tablo and a few Roku’s.  I helped him set them up in his house and I would have a few suggestions (If they are possible) for the Roku App.

1) First and probably most importantly would be to integrate the “full grid schedule” experience into the Roku app. The first thing my Dad asked me was where this feature was on the Roku app.  I then had to explain that he would have to use another app to pull up the full grid (Tablo app).  If you guys could apply that feature into the Roku app, it would streamline everything and make it much easier for those non-tech-savvy, people.  TabloTV, from your above post, it looks like you guys are already looking into this and I am excited to see what you guys come up with.

2)  Not sure if this can even be added into the Roku app, but the ability to change channels in real time as opposed to hitting the back button to select a channel.  If that isn’t possible, maybe adding a feature to bring up a small window of the above mentioned “full gird”, and being able to select a channel from that.  I realize that may be too ambitious at the moment, but some of these features are thought to be basic necessities while watching TV now a days.

I, myself, currently use the xbox one for my TV.  I think it is extremely fluid and I love it to death.  After tinkering around with the Tablo for a few hours, through its own native app and the roku app, i have come to the conclusion that it can be equally…if not better than watching tv on the xbox one.  Its got huge potential, and I think with a few updates and added features to its apps, it could be very compelling for people (like me) to purchase one in the future.

I would also like to give you guys a “thumbs up”, on your support forum.  Seems like you guys appreciate feed back and plan on tackling a lot of issues.

Good luck, I’ll be following you guys!