Roku Guide broken after 2.2.10 update

I have a 4 channel tablo and 2 rokus. They are all connected on a wired ethernet. I updated the tablo to 2.2.10 yesterday. Now, on both rokus, the live tv guide just shows “Loading…” on all channels.

I have tried:

  • Rebooting the tablo, the rokus, and the router.
  • Forcing a guide update on the tablo
  • Uninstalling the tablotv channel from the roku, and reinstalling it

All with no help. Any ideas?

Have you tried a rescan of your TV channels, and made sure your zip code is correct?

Tried a rescan and checked the zip code. No help.

What do you see in the web app?

Tablo firmware 2.2.10
Using Roku 4 Wireless:
Channel 20
Channel 33 (aka Beta)
and both work fine.

My Router is a TP Link Archer C7, which several of us recommend. What is your Router? Other Routers are also good, but if it is going to be wireless, then AC1700 or faster = better Tablo experience.

Have you tried wireless? Sometimes wireless on Roku works when Ethernet connected doesn’t. I think they just changed the driver. I don’t know what the other beta testers use, but know I use ONLY WIRELESS EVERYTHING

I got the 2.2.10 today and just checked the Roku and I do have the guide.

Are you saying you have no guide data at all? Or you have no guide data only on the Roku?

I just did a factory reset, and all is working again. I have to say though that I’m losing my patience with Tablo. The “wife approval factor” is very low. In her words, “why can’t it be like the Sonos and JUST WORK.” It really seems to be more of a beta product with hardware that is not fast enough to provide a “snappy” user experience.

Anyway, just my $.02.

I love my Sonos Play 1 speakers, and Connect.
I appreciate the comparison, which I’ll be using as the gold standard for Tablo, and many other things. :slight_smile:

You should not have to do this… This really shows yet again Tablo is not ready for the masses…

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I’m starting to lose my patience as well… Now, after installing the new firmware 2.2.10, I’m consistently getting the ‘Weak Signal’ and rebooting the Tablo isn’t working now… This is so frustrating…

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Seriously doubt the upgrade has to do with weak signal error. I’d try reprogramming channel guide for starters.

When a new recording is scheduled to begin, 2.2.10 seems to “assign” a tuner without checking to see if that tuner is already in use. This produces an error message and halts the currently executing task. Hope this is a fixable “bug”. Thanks.

just updated to 2.2.10

web app launches normally, but live TV shows no guide grid at all.

roku app launches normally, live TV shows “greyed out” cells

rebooted Tablo to no avail.

recordings play back just fine.

Go into the Settings and hit “Update Now” for the guide data. This is available on the Settings page on a iOS device, Android device or computer.

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thank you for the suggestion- i am updating guide data now and its appearing in the grid.

much appreciated!



I am getting “Weak Signal” now on a regular basis since upgrading to 2.2.10. This release is a complete disaster. I can handle ff/rewind issues, etc. But flat out failing to record or even let you view live is making my Tablo 4 tuner virtually useless.

How do I revert back to 2.2.8. It was solid for me on this front. I’ve seen people ask, but no response from support if this is possible. There is always a try this or that.

Is it possible to downgrade my Tablo to 2.2.8?

As far as I know, there is no way to revert back to a previous version. However, I need you to try this, go into settings, scroll down to the ‘Guide’ section, click on ‘Edit Channel Lineup’, then click on ‘Rescan’, then once the rescan has completed, Click on ‘Add to Guide’. Now, once the ‘Add to Guide’ has completed, now try a channel that was giving you the ‘Weak Signal’ message…

looks like this is happening to more and more people. I’ve been getting booted out to the channel guide while watching live TV. When selecting the program to continue watching I then get the weak signal message and then it reboots by itself and then I can continue watching.

The advent of summer will change the patterns and intensity of signal propagation (and reception) for everyone.

As Mastewman stated, rescanning the channels should definitely be done after the upgrade. However, all of my channels came back with green / 5 dots. It moderately helped the situation.