Roku firmware v7.5 improves performance

After my Roku 3 Model 4200 updated to the 7.5 build 4096 firmware, the time it takes to start playback or resume playback after FF has significantly decreased. Glad to see a Roku firmware update has improved things for once.

This was separate from the recent Tablo firmware update.

Any one else experience a similar improvement?

Neither my wireless 4200 or my wired 4210 seem to show any improvement. It appears to me that resuming a paused show that is long, such as football game, where the resume point is toward the end might actually be a little slower.

This observation wasn’t made after the election and you live in a state that recently legalized marijuana?

I actually noticed an improvement as well, couple of last gen Roku 3s and Roku 4s.

At first I thought I was just imagining it, glad to see others are noticing as well.


The original question was about FF load times not Live TV load times. I have 2 tablos that are approximately 2 years old. For Live TV if no tuners are busy load times average 13-16 seconds. If all tuners are busy, via channel surfing, selecting a new channel still takes 18-24 seconds. Probably because a busy tuner needs to be selected, data freed up and re-tuned to the new channel.

Sorry I was referring to starting playback on completed recordings - a lot quicker. I will point out I am using my Roku remotely as well (aka over a VPN).

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