Roku firmware update today

Look out! Roku firmare updated this morning to Please report any observed differences with Tablo performance. Here’s hope it fixes the problem with freezing after fast forwarding!

What model Roku? I have been running on ver 8.0.1 - 4069 for about a month now. I picked it up when I installed a 2 new Ultras before Christmas. I just tried a manual update request and it is not available for my Roku 3 yet. My 3 is still running on version 8.0.0.

I have only only locked up once when I was watching a recorded program while it was still recording on 8.0.1. Other than that no issues. A pleasant experience on the Ultras, 1 on eithernet and one on Wifi both running on 8.0.1 for about a month.

When I upgraded to new Rokus Ultras, my speed issues on the fast forward pretty much went away. The fast forwarding is also been good on my Roku 3 now that it is just the thickness of a wall from the router.

Interesting. New Premiere plus - on ethernet. I also have 2 new sticks and I checked and no new update for them. Didnt realize different firmware versions for each. Gonna test FF. Thanks.

Mine went from to 8.0.1…4069. I wish I could find release notes.

I think they do a progressive roll out. I was suprised when I had 8.0.1 and no one was talking about it. When they went to 8.0.0, it was about a week before my Roku 3 got the update and about 6 weeks for my Roku 2s.

Where can we get info about what a new firmware does? Can Tablo let us know if thus will impact (improve) us?

New? I have one (got it sometime last year) but I was under the impression that they discontinued the Premiere+

It’s a great box, but it seems the Ultra series are the new “to-have” boxes.

I’ve been running the 4069 version for longer then most people (don’t ask for details) and I’ve not encountered most of the issues other people have on Roku devices so my initial response is it does seem to make things more stable.

New last October when I cut the cord and got Tablo. I have 2, on ethernet. Do you think the Ultra would be worth upgrading to? Would it fix the problem freezing Tablo after fast forwarding?

Well it did not take long to test it. Still freezes. Worked ok with fast forward about 9 times then froze for 5 minutes just like before. Sad…

Weird. Not having that issue. Just watched a while show while FFing through breaks with no issues.

Nilex, which Roku device do you have?
If you want to realy test it, play a recording and hit FF for a few seconds then play a few seconds and repeat about 10 times. On mine it can happen after a few or may take several. I try to avoid lock ups by limiting FF as much as possible but when it freezes its the Tablo because I have other TV’s I can check or even my iphone. Tablo freezes for 5 or more minutes. No live no recordings will play. Maybe I have a defective Tablo?

Doubt it.
Roku OS v8.0.0 introduced a networking issue with Tablo devices.
FF/RW will sporadically hang the Tablo for several minutes.
Tablo hangs, requiring a power cycle, while watching Live TV, recording playback, recording, or just seemingly nothing.
Tablo crashes, and reboots for all above mentioned, too.
We’re testing a Tablo beta firmware that is aimed at fixing all those issues.
Looks promissing.

Thank you for your post. Great to hear. New to Roku and Tablo last October. Love them both. The FF freezing is the only real glitch. A big benefit to recording is to FF past comercials. Please send an update on progress if/when you can.

Ultra. I’m helping with testing that same firmware so that may well be why mine seems more stable.

Thanks. Good to hear. Do you think I would be any better with an Ultra instead of my Premiere+ ?

Hard to say because I went from a Roku 2 to the Ultra which was a fairly big jump. The wireless on the Ultra seems more solid and reliable but not sure the specs differ enough from a Premiere+ to justify upgrading.

The upgrade of the Roku 2 with an Ultra was worth the price. The upgrade of a Roku 3 4200x connected via Wifi on the ither side of the apartment with an Ultra was worth the price. I moved the Roku 3 to replace a Roku 2 in a bedroom, close to the router in the living room. Over that short distance, the Roku 3 in the bedroom, via Wifi, works almost as well as the Roku Ultra wired to the Router in the living room. I would say the advantage of the Roku Ultra over a Roku 3 or above just depends on the circumstances.