Roku Fast Forward Problems

Although I have been thoroughly enjoying my Roku experience, I’m having troubles with the fast forward controls. I have a Roku 1, and whenever I try to fast forward, my programs load for a minute and then bring me back to the exact point in time I tried to FF. It’s really starting to bug me, and I am unable to watch my favorite TV shows commercial free.

@alexisalexis - Sorry to hear that. I assume this is on the public Roku channel?

Which FFW button are you pressing? The directional buttons or the actual FFW button?

Yes, it is on the public channel, and we’ve tried both, but the FFW doesn’t work either way.

@alexisalexis - Hrm… That’s odd. It seems to be working correctly for us.

Is it just on the Tablo channel or is it on other channels as well?

If you send a ticket to support we can do a bit more troubleshooting: