Roku Express 2022 update breaks Tablo dual HDMI

We had a Tablo dual hdmi unit running with four Roku Express (2022 version) devices. All devices are conncted via wired gigabit network. The setup was designed to avoid the smart tvs. The Tablo provides tuners and OVA recordings throughout the house.

For the first few months, the system worked as planned. The Roku would expand the video from Tablo. Then Roku began updating the devices from 2.x.x to 3.0.0. At that point, the video went from smooth and clear to jumpy and pixelated. We knew the update was the issue when a unit that had the old os was explicitly updated. The video went from great to broken up as with the others.

Tablo claims no knowledge of the problem. However, they don’t report any testing with this setup. What they do say is that if the problem is caused by Roku, then they must do the fix - good luck with that!

Has anyone else seen this issue with the Roku 3.0 release?

What is updating? If it is the Tablo app, then that is being done by Tablo. Roku only does the operating system (now up to 12.0), the Roku Channel, and Roku Media Player. Developers submit updates to Roku which then updates devices.

The update is in the roku express. For the express 4k, it is at 12.0, but the express went from 2.x to 3.0 when its sw update of the os was requested or loaded automatically. The 4k model works just fine but the express is the one breaking up when OTA or recordings are played. I suspect the express has a different os from many of the other products as you say. Otherwise, the 4k and express use exactly the same sw in the tablo and roku tablo app.