Roku Exit Prompt Feature Request

On Roku, other applications like Hulu will prompt “are you sure” before exiting. I would like to see this feature added (or optional to enable in settings) in Tablo for Live TV.

So many times the remote is sitting on the couch and we will lean on it and the Back, Home, or the branded quick app Netflix button on the Roku remote is pressed, it quits Tablo and goes to the Home Screen or goes into that app or quits the live TV session. During Live TV delayed live playback we lose all of the buffered content, sometimes up to an hour. It’s really annoying.

You already offer a confirmation prompt already for ESPN, Hulu and Sling buttons during Live TV. Asking for that to be on Netflix and the Home and Back buttons too.

Thank you.

The Roku OS offers confirmation for ESPN, etc. The Home button tells the Roku OS to abort the app. And when the tablo app returns to the home screen it’s usually an uncaught exception - blew up.

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As zippy stated already, Home is Home.

The back button will take about 5 presses before letting you try to quit, and you if you press it 8 times it’ll pop in and out. So, back does ask for a confirmation when you’re using Tablo.

Sometimes, when you hit home, the Roku will continue playing when you reopen Tablo, but if you hit a different app’s button, usually all hope is lost.

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