Roku doesn’t see new Quad

Just setup new Quad to complement my old four tuner which we have used since 2016. Both a Tablo’s working fine except Roku3 doesn’t see both units-only old one.Both are hard wired to Netgear R8300 and they have fixed IP ports. Both the new Quad (named Tablo) and the old four tuner (named TabloA) can be connected via WiFi on both iOS and on my MacBook but no show on Roku3. Any thoughts?

Reboot the router.
Reboot the roku.

Thanks - will give it a try. Probably some artifact in the software. Didn’t want to destroy any info that might be needed.

The roku app tries to help you connect to the last used unit if you exit the app vs disconnect.

The current app also remembers the last connect ed unit across reboots.

You need to cause the app to start with search option.
If all else fails delete the app reboot the roku and add app

Thank you. How do I have the Roku start with search option so that we can use both Tablo’s - or is that how it normally works when there is more than Tablo after we remove app/reboot/ add app? Not familiar with Roku stuff.

When you back arrow out of the main menu you should get exit or disconnect option.
If so use disconnect and then exit app.

Restarting app should then have search option.
Of course I have had multiple units for over 5 years. So I know this works for multiple unit setup.

Single unit to multi unit???

That is why I included delete app method.

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Zippy - Thanks again. Disconnected old Tablo via Tablo app. Reboot Roku3 and was able to connect to either unit. I might have missed how to do this from any of the info from Tablo when adding another unit. Wish that was explained better somewhere. We just added our second unit so I was not real familiar with the interface.