Roku Data Breach

This is for all of you using a Roku with your Tablo:

Roku says 576,000 accounts breached in cyberattack


Thanks for the info. I really don’t like hacker/scammers. I’m glad that I use unique passwords across various accounts, but I updated mine just in case. They’ve already implemented a “human verification” step and a 2FA.

The problem is their 2FA automatically sends an email with a link to continue. I have seen it take 2-3 hours to come in. Plus, on the home computer, I use Thunderbird and POP3 settings, so it could be awhile before it grabs it automatically, or I have to force a refresh. Then it opens up a new tab in the browser so I have to close the login one. There is an option to enter part of a device ID, but that is AFTER it sends the email. Plus you often have to verify you are human with a checkbox before you can even login.

It’s one thing with the main Roku account on their main site, which I rarely go to. It’s also affecting their community forum site, which also auto-logs you out after 2 hours. It is so annoying that I have stopped visiting it.

At the login, they should offer verification methods BEFORE sending anything.

I never registered a credit card number with them since I don’t intend to buy anything. If they come back to me and threaten to block me from using the service, I’ll just use a prepaid card with a small balance.

I know they’re trying to make up for what happened, but the login process is ridiculous now! Open a browser, log in, get an email, open a second tab… and the first tab just sits there with nothing to do! It’s a bit annoying… I’d rather have a code.

Anyway, I’ve got one subscription through them, but since that CC was supposed to expire in a few days, I’m not too worried about someone having it at this point! I’ve already activated the replacement, anyway.

Edit: Aww crap. Looking at my sub, I’ve got about 4 days to put the new one in!

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