Roku Connection Loss

So I’m planning to hard wire my roku but I’ve noticed that it only seems to loose connection when streaming with the tablo app for extended periods of time - like over an hour.

This happens intermittently of course - sometimes I can watch for hours without issue. Other times just one hour.

But I’ve never had the issue when watching netflix or hulu our other primary apps.

And I am somewhat assuming the connectivity loss is indicated by the light on the front of the roku flashing rapidly and the tablo show stops streaming and returns to the tablo menu.

So I’m beginning to wonder if its an issue with the app or the content somehow not actually a connectivity issue…or somehow that is causing the connection problem??

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Not sure if related, but after the last Roku firmware update many of us are seeing random incidents like this. However, sometimes it happens within even 1 minute (or even less).

Oh thanks for the info.

I’ve noticed this problem on both my Roku 3 and Nvidia Shield. Not sure what’s causing it, but it doesn’t seem isolated to the Roku in my experience.

I’ve had the same issues. See other Posts Live TV on Roku, Tablo exits out randomly on recordings on Roku. Mine seems to have stabilized now on Roku. I did upgrade my Router over the weekend that has the Wireless N 5Ghz band and Wireless AC and also dropped a Pre-Amp between Antenna and Tablo. I don’t know if these have helped resolve but I’m now streaming Live over Roku for 12+ hours without getting kicked out to the Roku home screen.

Good to hear… make take some convincing to get my family to try things out again though. The problem really really turned them off from using the Tablo UI (waiting for me to SurLaTablo the shows into Plex instead).

Understood. My wife’s not thrilled with the experience either. I still may have to get something else in addition to the Tablo.

I am having a similar problem. My Tablo system sometimes loses its connection after an hour or 2. Some times I have to sign in to my Tablo account and sometimes it seems like it is a buffering thing. Is this a wireless problem that could be resolved by hardwiring back to the computer? Is there any other solution or accessory I can use instead?

You can hard wire your Tablo or Roku to your router.

Another way to do it. Good reads.

I have multiple tablo units and if I use one unit for 2-3 straight hours a reconnect message will appear.

My normal Roku device is a Roku 3 (4200) connected on 5G. The tablo units are all wired.

To tell where the problem might be here are some observations.

  1. If I just wait it takes around 2-2 1/5 minutes before reconnect actually reconnects.

  2. If I perform a disconnect from the tablo unit and also the app, restarting the app will not discover the offending tablo unit. It wiil discover all the other tablo units.

  3. If you are fast enough and start an tablo app on a different device it also will not discover the tablo unit. Or the previous usage of the app pointed to the unit the auto-connect will wait as long as the primary unit waits to reconnect.

  4. The Roku 3 is totally functional with all other OTT apps.

If you’re using WiFi, and especially if your router is more than a couple of years old and your network is highly built out, you may be running into a problem with DHCP lease renewal. Check your router settings for the DHCP lease time and either extend it (it’s usually stated in seconds) or, even better, assign a permanent IP address to each Roku’s MAC address.

With the exception of 3rd party router software such as dd-wrt, most consumer router companies aren’t interested in encouraging consumers to set DHCP address reservation time. Just another setting that is very easy to screw up.

Many consumer routers have a canned time of 24 hours. ipconfig -all or ifconfig -all displays the IP lease time of the device the command is run on. Lease renewal starts at 50% of the remaining lease time until a renewed lease is obtained or the lease expires.

Using a router to assign a permanent IP just tells the router’s DHCP server what address to feed to a specific device when a client requests an address or a lease renewal.

I have DHCP range set to x.x.x.2-50. So 50 addresses for DHCP to use. Static IPs get assigned outside that range. Mobile devices, on wireless, use DHCP. Static devices (printer, TVs, TiVos, Tablo when I get it, etc) are hard wired.

I’m 10 days into my Tablo Dual Lite, set it up to use wifi but kept having connectivity problems with my Roku, so I tried an Ethernet cord. With the cord it lost all channels and it wouldn’t scan. Went back to wifi and everything is fine except for the connection losses. 4 times in a 1 hour show. I love everything else about the unit, picture and sound quality, recording capabilities, but if Support can’t help with the connection issues, I will be returning it.

Is the Roku wired or wireless?

I would contact Tablo Support directly, there is no reason the Ethernet connection between the Tablo and your router shouldn’t work. This would be the most reliable connection.

Bad Ethernet cable, bad port on the router, bad port on the Tablo. It’s go to be something.

Roku is a wireless Roku Express.

Ethernet connection worked great, but the Tablo couldn’t/wouldn’t scan channels when connected that way. I contacted Support about that, they just said try scanning with a mobile app or using Chrome.

If your Tablo is already full setup via WiFi (as in you did the channel scan and have channels and can watch TV and record shows), then switching it to Ethernet shouldn’t require to do a new channel scan. The Tablo is already setup and configured.

Why are you doing another channel scan when switching to Ethernet?