Roku connection failure to Tablo

My tablo arrived yesterday and I had no real issues connecting to my Android tablet, but I am unable to connect to the Roku stick. All equipment has the latest software updates and I have reset all hardware and routers. The tablo is set to connect via wifi (no ethernet cable). It appears the Roku can see and connect to the tablo, but fails to fully complete the link due to an error 009, “no internet connection”. Prior to this final step, the “establishing network connection” and “establishing local connection” get a green check on the setup screen for valid completion. The final step, “connecting to internet”, gets a red X to indicate failure.
The tablet works fine and can stream video, but the Roku connected to the TV HDMI will not complete the connection to the Tablo. It will however connect to my local network, so I know the wifi works.

Have you tried other channels such as CBSN from the Roku stick? Is it old Roku stick or new version?

@larryo The steps you’re describing:

These steps with checkmarks and X’s - this isn’t part of the Tablo app. It appears the Roku itself can’t get out of the network or complete its setup.