Roku Connection Dropping

My Tablo has been loosing connection to Roku. It seems to happen at the worst time, like right in the middle of a show. When I try to re-connect Roku says Tablo not found. After about 2 to 3 minutes of trying over and over it finally finds it and lets me re-connect. So based on other discussions here, this is what I have done.

Replaced power supply. Didn’t help.
Replaced hard drive. Didn’t help.

Unplugged hard drive. This seems to solve the problem, but then I can’t record anything. So would this mean the Tablo itself is going bad??? I have a Dual Lite to Roku streaming stick.

Is there anything else I can try?

When you replaced the harddrive, did you also replace the harddrive cable to your Tablo?

Have you tried rebooting your modem, router and Tablo in that order?

When you do lose connection, is the blue light on your Tablo steady or flashing?

Yes, it was a new cable also

I have did not specifically reboot things when it happened. But all have been rebooted at one time or the other over the past few days. I never lost connection to my ROKU which is also on WIFI.

I didn’t think to look at the blue light. My bad there.

But the fact that with the hard drive unplugged it never messed up kinda points elsewhere.

I have a powered usb hub, which I forgot I had. I am going to try that to see if it’s a power issue on the USB port to the drive.