Roku Connection - 1st Generation

Saw a previous thread that said they were checking to see if tablo would work with older Roku’s. Any update?

Please provide exact model number of your Roku.

Tablo still works with 2nd gen Rokus (I have one Roku “2” XD, circa 2011), but I’d have to say “no” to it working with the 1st gen Roku’s from many many years ago (circa 2008).

You can use to aid in understanding the generations.

The now deprecated Tablo client for Roku was your best bet, but even then it probably wouldn’t work. Roku devices tend to deprecate after about 5 years or so (a hint to 2nd gen owners like myself).

Ditto on the Roku XD. The only reason I keep it around is that it has component out which allows me to legally record Amazon Video, Netflix and other streaming packages using this device:

While not HDMI quality, it is still hi-def and close to HDMI resolution. I have two Roku XDs so that when this one goes, the other one will replace it. That’s unless the XD becomes totally incapacitated due to radical streaming changes from the source companies. The Hauppauge HD-PVR is mostly used for recording games being played in real-time for later replay.

So the Roku XD still has its use for me… I’m surmising that Hollywood put pressure on Roku to remove component out since it was a backdoor for recording Internet video streams. In fact quite a few TVs in the past had component out (my Hitachi did) and that disappeared so TVs can’t be used as passthru devices.

Well… it’s actually not legal, but I certainly understand and do agree that it should be legal. HDCP is easily defeated the that device can frame grab that just a well (btw, I use a similar setup to frame grab from Netflix and AP, but I use a active HDMI spliter to defeat HDCP).

In my opinion as long as your not sharing your captures with the world… it should be legal.

With regards to your TV comment, some popular TVs, if you buy them outside of the USA/NA, can capture even at HD.

I keep my XD around just for development reasons, but it’s not going to be long before it’s totally obsolete.

By “legal” I meant using a device that is not banned from the US. The Hauppauge PVR is legally sold in the US (as was the Roku XD) so there was no illegal device in the chain. AP still gets its money since I have a subscription to Prime and those movies not on Prime I purchase. The captures are because I don’t like to be told that one has 48 hours in which to watch a movie after having paid for it (and that one can only watch it once completely in that period). In the old VCR days Blockbuster had no such restrictions over a two week period.

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What makes it “illegal”, is that content providers do not provide “forever” access to their content by contract. The assumption is that when the provider stops providing the stream, the consumer can no longer access the content. Also, since you may terminate your contract with the provider at will, it is also assumes that your access to their content has also been terminated.

I don’t like these laws btw.

This is probably worth creating a separate thread… we’re sort of trashing the existing one.

OK I’ve deleted everything I’ve recorded - we’re good to go…:wink: Hmmm - let’s see if I can sell my two Roku XDs here. Offers anyone for 6 year old devices? Don’t work with Tablo and many other apps but are museum pieces for display.

You sir are the moral conscience of this community!

He is indeed. Cjcox needs to grow a beard to add to his profile picture and assume the mantle of a truly prophetic voice crying out in the Tablo wilderness… BTW there is work to be done - that other thread needs to cast out demons from a possessed Tablo.

:slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong… I used to frame grab off the composite of my Roku “2” XD, but have since graduated to HDMI HD capture (it’s just too easy). But I’m not afraid to label my deeds for what they are… I certainly do not like the current messed up state of copyright law in the USA. But at the same time, many of my friends are in the music industry and I do not believe in illegally copying and distributing their works.

I am a copyright purist in that we honor copyright even within the family. If a family member moves out, whoever owns the “media” can continue to use/watch/listen, but the others may not. Thus we do own multiple copies of some things.

When Aereo was took down, the Supreme Court basically said the play back of copyrighted material across the Internet (think individual protected cloud backup) is an illegal broadcast. And they used that to destroy Aereo. It was a bad and wrong descision… but unfortunately there is no appeal and a company and many lives were destroyed by this.

Those who know me remember the beard… I may change my profile pic.