Roku Client not recovering

First trouble report. It seems like the Roku Client does not recover well. Tablo had been working just fine…then…
I was watching a show off the Tablo on Roku when a weather power outage to the Tablo occurred. The Roku client went in the looking for Tablo. I gave it awhile then gave up and closed the Tablo app on the TV and waited until I was sure the Tablo rebooted then reconnected. Nothing would play. I looked at the settings and the serial number of the Tablo did not display. My Iphone client worked just fine and the setting serial number was there. I then rebooted the Roku and everything started working on the Tablo app again. Up until then the Roku client was pretty solid other than a little slower than the legacy app and a different operation,

I had a similar issue with the “legacy” Roku app today.

The guide had not reloaded for 3 days, my original Tablo 4 tuner unit was not found at, nor via AppleTV app, nor via my Channels DVR, but I could ping the TabloDVR and access some of the URLs on port 8885, so the TabloTV was alive. I pulled the power plug and eventually got back to the DVR using an iOS app, reloaded the guide, and everything except for browser based access seems to be alive again including the original Roku app.

The guide not loading 3 days ago about matches the reported gen 4 server outages, so I suspect problems on the end. If I have further problems I’ll scan my USB attached 4TB drive on a Linux box.

As others have mentioned, please specify which Roku client app / Tablo generation you are having problems with:) I’m using “2-Tuner and 4-Tuner” network attached units as well as a “Tablo Quad 1-TB”, so no 4th gen nor HDMI connected units. I mostly depend on HDHomeRun HDTC tuners now, but my TabloDVR work OK in locations where I don’t have wind moving trees in my path.