Roku Channel: Star button for quick delete on recordings

Coming from the satellite/cable-TV world, one of the big things that sticks out to me with the Tablo interface is that’s it’s a little cumbersome to delete recordings on the Roku interface.

Tablo doesn’t ask me if I want to go ahead and delete the recording when I’ve finished watching (either watching to the bitter end, or exiting with a couple of minutes remaining, as on my previous cable boxes). If I want to delete a recording, I have to open the recordings tab, select the show, select episodes, select an individual episode, select delete, then confirm.

I would love the ability to, from the recordings tab, select a show, press “star” on the remote and bring up a quick menu with “delete all” and “delete watched”, select, and confirm.

Additionally (and if a popup context menu like this is too much work, I would be satisfied with just this), I’d like to be able to navigate to the episode list, highlight an episode, hit “star” to delete, and then confirm (skipping opening the episode, then navigating to “delete”).

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

That’s why “cord cutting” isn’t for everyone. You get what you pay for. Cable/satellite charge large subscriptions and rent/lease you equipment… supposedly it’s too expensive to just give it to you with all the fancy features.

If the tablo app would do every convenience everyone wanted/needed - no one could afford it. It’s already too difficult to pass through commercials, others find it challenging to have to start another show. A couple users are surprised it doesn’t work like a thousand dollar TVIP distribution system. I want to adjust start/end times by just a single minute. Most everyone wants realtime signal strength.

In time, I hope you get your quick and easy to delete feature.
Maybe it’s your app/device of choice holding you back. :man_shrugging: