Roku channel crashing at launch & watching live TV

My Roku channel has been crashing on launch (sometimes I can start a few seconds of live TV before it does). This has been happening since last Saturday or Sunday and is happening on all three of my Roku boxes in the house.
The odd part is we were working flawlessly up to that point. I haven’t been prompted to install any updates so unless some came down automatically I can’t point my finger to anything that may be causing this seemingly random breakdown on all three boxes.
I am able to launch and watch on the HTML app via my PC and Mac. This is localized to my Roku only. Has anyone seen this? Any solutions?
I have tried the standard reboots, reinstalling of the app looking for updates etc but nothing seems to help.
UPDATE: I can watch recorded shows with no crash. This seems to only be a live TV issue.

Try manually forcing an update.

Thanks, @rontbeamer ! Do you mean to the Roku? If so, I’ve done that. There was a minor Roku update waiting but that didn’t help the issue.
If you mean the Tablo, I don’t how. Is that possible? If so, will you please point me to instructions?

That is what I meant. That minor update usually has been solving crashing issues.