Roku channel crashes when opening one show's episodes

I have two roku 3s that both have the same problem:

  1. Pick Tablo channel
  2. Recordings
  3. Select Big Bang Theory
  4. Episodes
  5. Loading… Please Wait…
  6. Channel crashes.
  7. Back to Roku’s My Channels
We’ve never had a problem watching that show via the Roku/Tablo in the past. In fact, it was only after this last episode (air date 2015-01-08)  was recorded that this started happening. I can watch the latest show via the Tablo android app (tablet and phone). No problems with any other show as far as I can tell.

Anyone experience anything like this for Roku and Tablo and a particular show?

Yes, this a new problem with the Tablo and the Roku. There is a thread about it already, but the issue appears to be with shows that have multiple seasons recorded or shows that don’t have any current episodes.

The Tablo folks are investigating.

Thanks for the info. If mutlple seasons is a problem then my series recordings of the Simpsons since the day I bought the Tablo should have been a problem vs Big Bang Theory’s 2 seasons I have recorded. But…oh well.

Thanks again for the info.

My Simpsons crashes every time I select an episode to play.


I am not having this problem with my Roku 3 with multiple season shows. Is there a way to check which version of the Roku channel I have installed?

I was having this problem with Big Bang (which had multiple seasons).  Clicking on episodes would cause the Tablo Roku app to kick back to the main Roku screen.  I deleted the old seasons (leaving only the current), problem solved.  I have other recordings with multiple seasons/older shows, but none of them cause the failure.

I can’t see a way of seeing the version.

@snowcat, @theuser86 - you can see the version by hitting the * key on the Roku remote (when on the main Tablo menu).

I do not have this issue either. I went through the following steps:

  1. Pick Tablo channel
  2. Recordings
  3. Select The King of Queens ( 2 episodes from 2 seasons )
  4. Episodes
  5. Go to any season and play
No issues. 
I am running Roku 5.6 build 60 and I save my recordings at 720p

I am having problems with my roku 3 when playing some recording!

Roku version 5.6 / build 60
Tablo Version 1.10 / Build 9

I have determined that any recording that have over 20 episodes (big bang theroy, etc) will cause Tablo to crash.  Any shows with episodes of 20 or less seem to play just fine. 

Please email me if you need additional info.

Thanks for getting this fixed.

I can also make it crash with less than 10 recordings, but the show had to be old enough to not be visible on the default Roku recordings screen. I have only about 6 recordings of Crossbones, but it crashes immediately after I select Episodes.