Roku cannot find app for 4th gen tablo

I just bought the 2 tuner 4th gen Tablo. I used my smart phone, and connected via ethernet cable. I previous had a Tablo Quad. I have two LG tv’s in my home, one a smart tv, the other LG I use a Roku. I cannot find the Tablo tv app on either tv. I still see the old app from my Quad.

Also, am I going to lose all of the recorded shows I had on my old Quad. Thanks.

I’m assuming you can’t find the blue TabloTV app on your LG because it’s running webOS and they haven not released an app for that system yet. However, if you search for “Tablo” on your Roku, you should see two apps available. The 4th gen needs the blue app to work and will not be recognized by the older Tablo app.

As for losing your recorded show, you can’t migrate your quad’s hard drive to your new 4th gen device. If you attach the hard drive to the white Tablo, it will ask to erase the drive.

Is your Roku very old? If you can, share the Roku OS and device information and/or check to ensure it’s on the the Tablo Compatible Apps & Devices list. This is also a good page to help you find the proper app you will need.

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Thank you! I was looking for confirmation. I suspected the update to the new LG Webos caused the Tablo to fail on my LG TV and still work on my Tablo iphone app.

It sounds like you have an older Tablo and not the new round white round one. If this is the case, the white Tablo app should work with what you have. AFAIK, it’s still available for download.