Roku "authorization failed" Troubleshooting

I keep seeing posts here where a user has a Roku, the internet is down, and the user is getting an “Authorization Failed” message. I have managed to recreate the issue

To simulate a power outage and internet failure, I unplugged my modem from my router. Then I rebooted the router. I also unplugged one of my Rokus for a minute and plugged it back in.

I was getting the “Authorization failed” message every time in this scenario, even after exiting the Tablo app and going back in, as well as rebooting the Roku. Once I plugged my modem cable back in, everything was fine.

Scenarios where the Tablo keeps working on the Roku:

  1. Internet goes out with no power failure (simulate by unplugging the modem from router)
  2. Router reboots without internet, but Roku stays on the whole time.

So the best bet is to have your Rokus on a UPS, if possible. If the Roku doesn’t get rebooted, then it should always connect to the Tablos on your network, even with no internet.

I would like to know what causes the “Authorization Failed” message. I see three horizontal bars just before the message, so it looks like it is trying to do some sort of three step connection that is failing.

This is the key:

If the Tablo loses power and comes up on a network that has no internet access, discovery will be impacted. This can trigger the ‘Authorization failed’ message.

That said, the next Tablo firmware update will have a few improvements for connectivity, generally speaking, which should help reduce the frequency of ‘authorization failed’ messages.

The Tablo itself remained powered up during all my tests. The key issue is that the Roku was rebooted with no internet.

It would be great if your team could implement a method for Tablo to work completely offline. For many people living in areas prone to power outages the fact that OTA TV is not available via Tablo for any internet connection reasons is a problem.

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Any solution…direct access by IP or something…would be welcomed. I’m in a rural area with undependable internet access. That’s problem 1. And in Florida. That’s problem 2. If we get a major hurricane, power can be out a week or more. Yes, there’s a UPS on the Tablo and the Rokus, and, yes, there’s a generator. But with extended power outages, the generator is shut down for periods of time to conserve fuel and for maintenance. It’s during emergencies like hurricanes that local TV is the most important.

As a personal solution, could I redirect in my router directly to the Tablo IP? Would that work? Prevent the guide from updating when internet is available?

No, that doesn’t work. is only used by the web client, and it needs to load the actual client app from the Tablo servers before the app (JavaScript) connects to the Tablo locally.

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So this means what? That the Tablo is not going to work at all if I lose internet? Even though I have power at my house the gen set does not come on for the first minute the power goes out. So my Tablo goes down then comes back on but with no internet it seems your saying it will not work at all. Is this correct? Would a battery back up to the Tablo help at all? It would almost never lose power and reboot then.
I bought the Tablo for OTA tv and while I knew it used the internet I did nt know it would not even pass the tv signal with out it. Why would it not have been made to pass the signal on network failure? No guide yes. Just channel up and down while no guide data is available.
any way just fishing around here on this issue.

I have everything on UPS (cable modem, router, Tablo, and my Rokus). So if I do lose internet, I can still use my Tablo just fine on everything but my PCs.

It isn’t the loss of internet that is the problem. It is the loss of power. So if you can prevent power loss, your Tablo will work just fine on all devices that don’t ping their servers directly (PC, Xbox, and smart tv apps).

Yes snowcat that is what I have figured out from the discussion and I’m looking for a small battery back up that will hold the Tablo up for about 30 minutes which is way more than enough time for my house generator to come on line. Thanks to all the folks that have helped me out. I’m glad this forum is here.

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As @snowcat stated, I believe you will also need to keep your streaming device and router powered up along with your Tablo. If the streaming device and router goes off and then powers back up they may not connect even if the Tablo is still powered on.

Thanks 3rdRockOKC. Good advice and I had already planned to do just that.

I often go weeks without active ISP connected to modem.

When Tablo runs out of guide data and/or loses authorization I share tethered data through Mac to the base station router long enough to re-establish authorization and download guide data. Keep channels to minimum and it doesn’t require as much data.

See this thread for few more details - Tablo stops recording when loses internet connection

I have also testing this issue and agree with your assessment. But I also found even though my ROKU devices would fail if power cycled, my phone and tablet Tablo apps would continue to work just fine. Seems like this should be something Tablo could fix on the ROKU app.