Roku Audio Glitching

I am having Roku (Ultra) audio glitching all of a sudden now on Tablo live television, and DVR recordings. Tried re-booting Tablo, deleting a number of recordings to free up space. Any known issues here?

I don’t know what audio glitching means and how frequently it occurs.

Or what the ultra’s audio mode and hdmi settings are.

Glitch is probably not the right way to describe this. More like peaking on audio meter, distorting. Seems to have stopped after Roku reboot. I have roku running thru an HDMI switch , so lots of variables i guess. But this had never happened before.

At the same time did you try other Roku channels other than the Tablo? If the same problem is on any other channel then it’s clearly a Roku issue. If it’s only on the Tablo channel you may want to open a support ticket.

Well at least it wasn’t strange female voices speaking Mandarin.