Roku Apple TV or Chromecast for streaming

First my setup- Have a Windows PC and A Roku 3. I have the Roku 3 because

1. No Support for the Amazon FireTV
2. Apple TV has a new version coming out and I thought I’d wait for it. 
3. Never really looked at the Chromecast solution

I was going to buy an Apple TV when the new one comes out for my other TV. Now I’m selling my other TV and don’t really need to buy a Apple TV but I do want to get Bloomberg and only Apple TV and Amazon Fire have as a channel. I also assume that apple TV has some different channels then Roku. I’d also consider the FireTV if it is supported since it also has Bloomberg and I’m a Amazon Prime customer. 

Anyone have more than one solution and has an opinion on which is better or the advantages of having more than 1?

Have had a Chromecast since it came out, couldn’t be happier. Integration with Android and iDevices is outstanding. Works well with Tablo also.

My household has been happy with Roku 3.  I wish it was a bit more feature rich, but for wife and kids its works great.

Apple TV - airplay, to me is a poorly implements Chromecast solution.  Granted it has been around a lot longer, and its part of apples ecosystem, yada yada but it is just silly to me the way it works.  Maybe they have changed things since I used it last (mainly if i was airplaying i couldn’t use the device), but i really do know.

Amazon Fire is intriguing for sure.  if you can get a web browser on there which i think you can, you could hit the TabloTV web ui and use it… Someone on the forum here said they were doing that and I asked PLEASE for a video to see how it works.

Not much help I suppose but just my .02.

@ChrisWilkes you think you could do a short video with the Chromecast? I have pre-ordered the 4 tuner model and very curious to see how it works.

I have a Chromecast and would be happy to shoot a quick video if @ChrisWilkes doesn’t have time.

Go ahead @PiX64 I am terrible at video tutorials

@PiX64  -  We should totally send you a tripod for Christmas though :wink:

Haha! And a quad tuner this week :smiley:

@aia832003 I will shoot a quick video and post to youtube today or tomorrow.

I have a Roku2, Roku3 and a Chromecast, along with several different tablets in my house…I have also owned a TivoHD and I have to say I would go with a Roku solution.  They are constantly improving the unit either via firmware or software update and the number of “channels” is going to be way better then anything you can get elsewhere.

@aia832003 – Sorta got swamped… will shoot a video for you ASAP.

"Apple TV - airplay, to me is a poorly implements Chromecast solution.  Granted it has been around a lot longer, and its part of apples ecosystem, yada yada but it is just silly to me the way it works."

I'm new to these forums but I wanted to ask what about Airplay do you not like?  Personally, I think it's better than the Chromecast for the simple reason that once the video begins playing on the AppleTV I can then use my remote to control it (pause, play, rewind, etc...).
On the Chromecast I have to grab whatever device I sent the video from.  This can be a problem if I sent the video from my phone and I get a phone call.  I have to ignore the call, unlock my phone, pause the video, then answer the phone.

I still like the Chromecast but I just like using my Harmony remote to control everything :-)

Hmmm…  Interesting about the FireTV/browser solution…  I need to side load a few things anyway.  I’ll have to give that a shot when I get a chance.

Roku is the way to go. As a streaming device, the only advantage Chromecast had was YouTube, and Roku got that a couple of months ago. For watching TV shows or movies, the display quality of the Chromecast is simply awful. Unwatchable, in my opinion.