Roku app skip feature

On the Roku there is a reverse of I believe 20 seconds. It might be 30. On the Roku control pad the up and down do absolutely nothing well playing a video. Could the up be assigned as a 30 second skip ahead? I would also suggest that for consistency the down button be assigned to a 20 second back skip. This would make it so much easier to navigate through a video. I know some are using universal remotes to simulate a 30 second skip but many of us like the Roku remote and don’t want to replace them.

Weird my Roku TV I just hit the right arrow to skip through commercials.

Your are correct and mine does as well. Most commercial breaks are a multiple of 30 seconds. For many of us it’s easier to use 30 second skips. Particularly when no visual tiles are available. Like when a program hasn’t finished recording and when the Tablo just can’t generate them.
When no tiles are available we have to press right an abitrary number of times, click ok to see where we are, rinse and repeat. That makes I believe 7 button presses to advance 30 seconds, 14 to advance a minute,… up to around 35 button presses to advance a long break. The average break will be around 21 button presses. Now compare that to the 30 second skip. That would be 1-9 button presses instead with an average around 4.

Some even have have their favorite shows down to a science and can tell you exactly how many 30 second skips each break will be.

Why not just just the FF button? Press it once, wait for it to scroll through 2-3 min on its own. then when ready hit play. That’s 2 button presses.

There’s difference between the single arrow button and double arrow button, one is a 10 second skip, the other is a Fast FFW.

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I know about the FF button but I still prefer a 30 second skip like on the Android app. It’s way more convenient and easier to use.

I wonder if the 10 second skip on the Roku is a limitation by the Roku default video player?

Hopefully you’ll get an answer for the difference.

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In other posts Tablo have replied that it is a characteristic of the default Roku player. Tablo would need to write their own player to re-purpose the Roku remote buttons. It may be on their ToDo list but I don’t know what priority they have given it. My entirely uniformed hope is that Roku will add some flexibility in their own settings allowing users to change the default effects of their remote (within limits). Perhaps the Amazon Recast/Amazon Fire TV threat will encourage cooperation between Roku and Tablo and other competitors of Amazon.

I was afraid that might be the issue. I honestly don’t know which characteristics are set in stone and which aren’t. I believed/hoped that since the up and down buttons aren’t used during playback that Roku would have the common sense to leave them open to assignment by the app developer.

The UP/DOWN buttons are in fact used during playback to launch the Quick Channel Select option.

The best option for zipping quickly through commercials is indeed the FFWD button (not the RIGHT button).

When I referred to playback I meant of recordings. The channel select feature only comes up when you access a show through the Tuner menu. When you access a recording through the recording menu UP/Down only makes bonk sounds during playback. There is no feature associated with them and it does not matter whether the recording is finished.

EDIT: When i referred to Tuner menu I meant Live TV menu.

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Live TV grid*

Out of curiosity, do the left and right buttons go ahead or back more than 10 seconds on the Netflix player?

Oh you’re right… Should have clued to that context!

It potentially could, but we would need to move to a totally custom player.

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