Roku App Has To Get Faster

I’ve been using Tablo on Roku since April of 2013. They have added many missing features since then and have made the app much nicer to look at. But the Roku app need to get much fast, soon. I am currently running the beta firmware to help speed up the app with little improvement. I am running Roku 2 and Roku 3. The 3 is definitely faster then the 2. The app is just painful to use. Especially compared to the Neflix app. The Netflix app starts playing videos as soon as I click on the show almost to fast in some cases and Netflix is coming across the internet. My Tablo is wired into my gigabit network and it is painfully slow to use. I have recommended Tablo to multiple friends who bought it and they all say the same thing that the Roku app is ridiculously slow. Please please please make the Roku app speed a top priority. Rant complete, thanks for listening.

Apples and oranges. Tablo has to build a buffer, convert the video format, encapsulate the video and send it out over your network to the Roku. Netflix already has the video sitting on a server in the proper format. It’s just a matter of requesting the stream. I do agree that tablo could be a bit faster but it is never going to be as fast as an on demand service, ever. It’s a technology limitation.


It’s mainly the app performance not so much waiting for the video to stream, this is a slight problem as well but not as bad as the overall sluggishness of the app. Another app to compare it to is Emby, I use for streaming local content it also runs much faster on my home network then the Tablo app.

I don’t disagree the app performance could be a bit faster. I definitely jam it up clicking too fast. I do remember in the not too distant past when Netflix was the same way though. I think Tablo is going to have to get a faster processor and more memory to solve those issues.

Sadly I agree, I’m afraid it would take a Tablo hardware upgrade to fix.

Yup. I bought NVidia Shields, not specifically for Tablo, because I’m trying to decide which way to go (cuz it ain’t Tablo - for live TV anyway). The shield blows the Roku 3 and 4 out of the water. However, it still takes like 10-15 seconds to load a “live tv” channel from the Tablo. I don’t think that specific problem will ever get better with this generation of Tablo hardware - I will say that for certain, recording playback is way better, and I can use the full 10mbps option without issue - not that those buffering issues are all the fault of the Roku, but it’s certainly better on the shield.

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Isn’t that a planned delay because Tablo is buffering the show for possible rewind - the first 15 seconds? My argument against that is who is going to rewind a show in the first 10-15 seconds? A user would just do a restart at such an early point in a program. Dispense with this early buffering altogether and just begin the show. Let the buffer start being built 60 seconds AFTER startup.