Roku APP has full Guide, web browser does not

So all three of my ROKU’s have a full guide, however my web browser does not.

So i know the tablo is getting the guide data because it is working on the ROKU’s, however i have a few sprase programs and endless voids on browser.

I have reset my browser, and tried it on a different machine, and a different browser, and actually even different operating systems. It does not work on debian, windows 10, windows 8.1, and windows 7. It does not work in chrome, firefox, ie11, or ie10.

Which browser are you using? Are you using Chrome?

Delete the Tablo from the Browser, hit the X button before you hit Connect. See if that helps.

I removed the tablo and then went back to browser and still lots of items missing. I think it is something strange because i get all the unknown airings. I primarily use chrome, but i have tried several others.

@soonerbrew That’s odd - removing the Tablo like @theuser86 mentioned should have done the trick. Can you try clearing your browser cache, just in case?

@tablosupport its multiple machines and several different browsers. Its odd as hell all of the channels show up, and then in the guide only some of the programs show up. Maybe 25% the rest is just empty fields. I have a ticket open and took a screen shot and submitted.

Hm - ok! Glad to hear you’ve got a ticket in. We should be able to set it right.

FYI this is what its doing - ive power cycled, reset browsers switched machines. The guide is perfect on the roku. Its perty damn weird.

OOOoooOOoo its remote access time.

I always like to do this, I had a corrupt database and Tablo Support was able to fix it! Way to go tablo support.