Roku app fails to display all scheduled recordings

Just purchased a new Tablo a few days ago. Version 2.2.8. Just today, tried to hook up two Roku media sticks to the Tablo. Each Roku stick is model number 3500X, software version 7.0 build 9021. Installed the Tablo app (In the Roku world apparently an app is called a “channel”). In each case the app software version is 2.0. build 15.

In the web app or in a Fire TV stick app I am able to see that there are four scheduled recordings. That’s fine.

But in each of the Roku sticks, the display of scheduled recordings only displays one of the four scheduled recordings.

I tried all the usual things. Rebooting the Tablo. Closing and reopening the Roku app. Deleting the Roku app, reinstalling. Still no good. It only lists one of the four scheduled recordings that I could see in the web app or Fire TV stick app.

What’s going on here? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to force the Roku app to do a resync?

  1. For the scheduled shows that do not show up on the Roku devices, do they actually have episodes airing over the next 2 weeks that will be recorder? My understanding is a show that is scheduled but has no episodes airing over the next 14 days (the length of the guide data) will not show up on the Roku. I have 17 shows “scheduled” under the Fire TV, the Roku only shows 10 shows because 7 of those shows have no episodes to record over the next 2 weeks.

  2. I thought you said you only use your Tablo remotely? The Roku devices do not work with Tablo Connect.

Thank you for posting. Yes several of the Tablo scheduled recordings do have scheduled shows within the next week that will be recorded. But only one of them appears in the Roku app as a scheduled recording.

Yes I generally only use the Tablo “away from home”. But since I was forced to drive the car an hour and a half to bring the Fire TV stick to be in the same room with the Tablo, to re-pair it, I figured I might as well test out the Roku app.

Interesting - I would open a Support Ticket with Tablo Support then so they can remote into your Tablo and look at it directly.

The Roku channel works differently than the Fire TV app in that it does not download the database from the Tablo and store it on the Roku. The Roku syncs with the Tablo every single time you open it. Basically, it syncs on demand for the screen you want (Live TV, Recordings, Scheduled, etc.).

Thank you for posting. Yes, I opened a ticket with Tablo support yesterday about this problem but I have not heard back from them yet.

You may want to do a forced update of your Roku software… when V7 first came out, many of us had problems with our Roku devices. V7 is now at build 9044.

I almost never use Roku to schedule recording, or look at what’s scheduled. I found the web browser works better (faster) for that.

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Sorry, but is it documented somewhere how to do a “forced update” of my Roku software?

Are you talking about an update of the Tablo app on the Roku stick?

Or are you talking about an update of the Roku firmware on the Roku stick?

An update of the Roku firmware on the Roku stick… hit the home button so that you see the menu list on the left side of the screen, with Home at the top and settings down at the bottom. select Settings, and then select System. Select System Update and then select Check Now. If a Roku firmware update is available, you’ll be able to get V7.0 Build 9044.

As you suggested I forced an update of the Roku firmware on the Roku stick. It is now V7.0 build 9044. I then deleted the Tablo app (“channel”) from the Roku, and reinstalled the Tablo app on the Roku. Like before it is version (“channel”) 2.0 build 15… And when I click on “scheduled” it lists no scheduled recordings.

Yet in contrast the true answer (as may be seen for example in the web app) there are four scheduled recordings, several of which have actual programs that should get recorded within the next couple of days.

So unfortunately none of the troubleshooting steps has made this problem with the Tablo app on the Roku go away.

Very odd - again maybe there’s some issue with the database on your Tablo. They can look into that directly or you can factory reset your Tablo if you don’t have too many recordings you don’t mind losing.

Or possible your Roku Stick, the Tablo app was originally designed and intended for use on the more powerful Roku 3 Model 4200 or newer.

The Stick Model 3500 is quite underpowered and only caused problems - check over at the Roku forums for corroboration.

Well again thank you for posting.

If the Tablo app for Roku works only on some Rokus and not others, then this needs to be documented so that people do not waste their time (as I seem to be doing) trying to get the Tablo app working on my particular Rokus.

Anyway as to the question whether there is some issue with the database on my Tablo … I did submit a trouble ticket to Tablo some 48 hours ago. I have not heard back. I suppose all of the Tablo people are busy at CES.

@oppedahl - This blog post should be helpful for you:

We do mention that while some people love their Roku sticks, we weren’t super excited about them during our testing and generally recommend box-style HDMI streaming devices.

I just checked on your ticket - our team should be in touch with you this morning.

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I have two different Roku streaming sticks, the 3400X and the 3500X, running Roku V7.0 Build 9044. Since the 9044update, I have not been experiencing any significant issues with Tablo.

I also have a Nexus Player which performs near flawlessly, but IMO, the video is of somewhat lesser quality than what I get on Roku, so I was really happy when Roku pushed out the 9044 update.

Even tho the Roku streaming sticks “may” be underpowered for the Tablo application, they’re working well for many of us. My big screen TV in the living room came with a 3400X that’s integratedd with the TV remote, and based on that, I populated my 3 other TVs with the inexpensive 3500X Rokus. The streaming sticks work well with the other services I use, so with the investment I have in the Roku devices, I’d like to get as much mileage as I can before having to replace them.