Roku app can't travel?

Readers may recall my use case. I live in the mountains of Colorado in a place with no television signals. My way of dealing with this is to put a Tablo in a friend’s home in the Denver area. It picks up all of the Denver television stations just fine. The Tablo is 75 miles from my home. I rely specifically on the Tablo feature that I can vew live programming and recordings using media sticks.

I have griped in the past that what would sometimes happen is, somehow the link between the Tablo and the media stick would evaporate. When the link evaporates, what I had to do is put the media stick into the car and drive 75 miles to the location of the Tablo. And then re-link the media stick to the Tablo. And then drive 75 miles back home and plug the media stick back into the television.

I try to find some pattern in all of this. For example if the Tablo device firmware updates itself, does this cause the link to get lost? Maybe, maybe not.

So now we turn to this week’s report. This week I can report that I figured I am smarter than everybody else. What I did was to put four, count them four, media sticks into the car. I drove 75 miles to the location of the Tablo and linked all four of the media sticks to the Tablo. There were two Fire TV sticks and two Roku sticks. All four of them linked to the Tablo with no problem. And then I drove 75 miles back home. As I say, I figured that I am smarter than everybody else by doing this. Even if one of the sticks were somehow to lose its link to the Tablo, I could then just pull it out of the television and plug in one of the three remaining sticks. And so on. It would take weeks to run through all four sticks, right? What could go wrong?

I will tell you what went wrong. What went wrong is that when I arrived home, and tested out all four sticks, the first thing that I encountered was that half of the sticks had already lost their link to the Tablo.

The Roku sticks are model 3500X. They have a sofware version of 7.2.0 build 4100-09. The Fire TV sticks have software version (551203220). The Tablo Device is 2.2.11.

Okay who can guess which of the four sticks lost their link to the Tablo?

The sticks that lost their link were the Roku sticks.

Why did the two Roku sticks each lose their link to the Tablo?

Because the Roku app does not support Tablo Connect. The FireTv app does, so just use those.

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Thank you. Prompted by your email message I just now looked around the discussion group and it looks like people have been commenting on this deficiency in the Roku app for at least a year. One would have hoped that in the past year this deficiency in the Roku app would have been remedied.

There are, of course, other deficiencies in the Roku app, such as the lack of a “settings” screen, that have likewise not been remedied.

Again thank you.

You’re welcome. The Roku is still my preferred client, though I do all my Tablo setup and programming on my computer.

Have you ever thought about linking your Tablo to plex then streaming from plex to your device?