Roku access remotely?

So I was thinking of bringing my Roku on a family road trip. Will the Roku Tablo app work outside of my home network? Has anyone tried it?

It does not work from what I remember from some of the early posts in this forum.  Tablets, laptops, and phones work, but not Rokus for some reason.  

Was that confirmed by support or are people just speculating?


Thanks! And damn :frowning:

how about chromecast?  Any known issues if you take that with you and CC from your tablet to a tv outside of your home?  like when your staying in a hotel or travelling

Chromecast is different because you don’t pair a Chromecast to a Tablo.  You can pair an Android Tablet to a Tablo or pair a laptop to a Tablo, and then use either one to cast to any Chromecast.

However, to use a Chromecast in a hotel room, you will almost always need to bring your own router,  Here is a cool little video about it:

Since AppleTV uses Airplay with a tablet or Mac to use a Tablo, I would assume that AppleTv itself isn’t paired.   Can anyone confirm?

@snowcat Confirmed - the Apple TV isn’t paired. Since it doesn’t allow for third party applications, just think of it as an external player.