Roku ability to record while watching live tv

Would be nice to be able to hit a button on the roku to record any live tv program that is currently being watched.  Once button is hit then being able to choose between recording series or episode. And if I can push it one step further ability to extend required beyond program guide time frame for those sports events that always seem to run over.


@Josh - Both of these are popular requests. We’ll be working on both! 

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Tied into this, and I can’t find anywhere in the forums where it’s discussed (but I certainly could be missing it) would be, if the ability to record a live tv program that is being watched was enabled, that the recording would pull from the buffer. Some DVRs only start recording from the point where the record button is hit; Tivo, for example, will start the recording from the beginning of the show, as long as the beginning is still within the buffer. This would be a great addition to the device. 

@mebogrr - Yes, we do plan to enable recording from the beginning of the buffer in a future update. Stay tuned!

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That’s great news! Thank you for the update!

You’re welcome @mebogrr

Yes!..that would be a handy feature.

Any word when me might see an updated Roku app?

I just bought a Tablo, and was disappointed when I realized via Roku, there is no way to record a show if it’s already started. You are screwed even if you only missed it by a minute. It’s very disappointing considering this is a standard feature on most DVRs where you can record on the fly. I hope this is resolved with the new Roku app (that I’m looking forward to!). Thanks for listening.

It works that way with every device. So don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

It really is easy to plan ahead so this isn’t an issue.

@sonicfox - the issue isn't the roku app but the tablo software itself not allowing this so a redo of the roku app itself wont add this feature. Apparently it has been on the roadmap for about a year but it still hasn't happened yet. Yet another one of the many tablo features that "they are working on".

Welcome to tablo, get use to waiting!

Through the current Roku app, it is NOT easy to plan ahead, and there are times I’ve found myself wanting to record while watching live tv. I’m surprised Tablo overlooked this function in their product. I’ve not known any DVR without it. 

I want this feature please!  I know I can take out my phone or tablet to start the recording but it would be nice if I can do it right on the ROKU remote.  

Start the recording from the the beginning (where you start watch) would be super! :slight_smile:

So let me get this straight. I’m not a Tablo owner but I’m doing research before I buy one. I figured the forums would be the best play to see any issues and quirks.

You can’t record a program already in progress from any device or just the Roku?

@Elias you can, you just need to go into Live TV and click record on the guide on that show. On the Roku you can’t do this though currently as the Roku interface is not the same as the other devices, but that should be fixed in the next couple months…