Roku 4 Spontaneous Reboot during Tablo App Startup



I have seen an issue several times lately, where I exit the Netflix App, then start the Tablo App, and the Roku 4 spontaneously reboots. During the normal Tablo App startup, the Tablo splash screen is shown, then the screen blinks, and then the app continues starting up. When this failure occurs, the Tablo App never gets to the blink stage, and hangs, and then the Roku startup video is shown while the Roku 4 reboots.

Has anyone seen anything like this on their Rokus?



How many channels (aka apps) do you have installed on your Roku 4?


I have 12 apps installed.

Tablo, SlingTV, Plex, Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, PBS, Smithsonian, Spotify, YouTube, & Roku Media Player

Do you think this is making the Roku run out of memory?


Maybe you have recently had a new OS release/update installed. Even app updates could have an adverse affect.

Or maybe there is an OS update available if you check for updates.


12 apps should be fine, shouldn’t run out of memory.

Have you tried rebooting your Roku? Aka power cycling it?


As you know, these systems look for updates on a daily basis, so it can be a challenge to keep up with their versions and when they change. I don’t know which channel/app versions and firmware I had when the problem last occurred, but if it happens again, I’ll write it down. It is intermittent.

The problem itself causes a reboot, but no, I have not removed power. I have forced another restart from within the Roku System menu at times, but not removed power altogether.


The only thing I can suggest is your factory reset your Roku. Once you re-link it to your Roku account it will re-install the 12 channels / apps. So it won’t be much work to set it up again the way you like it.


On Roku’s the update page indicates the last time the OS was updated.

You will also find that updates are not always automatically installed on the nightly update check. Roku has such a large customer base that some updates take a long time to be scheduled for your specific device.

Using the check for updates button may cause a manual update if updates are available.


I had a Roku 4 and it was the wonkiest Roku I’ve ever had. The 2XS, 3, and Ultra have been very solid. The 4 I had was possessed. It would run hot enough to cook on even with an internal fan running full bore. Don’t know how this helps your situation but I know that upgrading to the Ultra and getting rid of the Roku 4 was the best thing I ever did.


Yes I’ve heard of very weird stuff with the Roku 4 on the Roku forums. So it could just be bad luck with using that model.


I think it was the only Roku model ever built that included a fan.

And even then users thought it was running super hot while idle and just before the fan failed…


Super weird. I have a Roku 4 at my desk and I’m not seeing this here.

What ROKU OS version are you using?