Roku 4 Specs leaked

I follow Cord Cutters on FB and noticed this, and thought everyone here would be interested

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No AC wireless?!

This story indicates that AC wireless will be included.

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They will definitely need AC for 4K content, N won’t cut it.

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Exactly. This lack of documented AC must be a mistake. It would be one of the biggest reasons I would upgrade.

Been following Roku 4 news closely as I need one more Roku and didn’t want to get a 3 with so many rumors about the 4 coming soon.

Hopefully, Tablo will work out of the box… :anguished:

I have the sneaking suspicion that the Tablo Roku update just might be waiting for the Roku 4. It’s just me though.

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Here is the Roku ad:

I am going to have some tough choices. I already have two Roku 3’s and a FireTv. Will it be worth it to upgrade to a Roku 4 or AppleTv? I don’t know.

The new Amazon 4K Fire TV is getting hideous reviews. I’m hoping that Roku has tested the Roku 4 out well enough to not have the same sorts of issues (sounds like if they have a battery cover on the remote that makes sense they’ll be good enough to beat the new 4K Fire TV though).