Roku 4, loading please wait

Just this week have gotten everything in place. Mohu curve with Wiegard amp (strong signals) connected to quad Tablo. TP link power line Ethernet adapters to router, WiFi. I also have TP link WiFi extenders installed. TV1,Roku 3 connected to network with a strong signal via 5ghz channel. Works fine. TV2, Roku4 connected same as TV1. After TV2 was setup started getting The loading, please wait every minute or so in the morning. Last night both were working just fine. This morning TV2 is reloading again. I did search for previous Roku issues and did change some router changes that did not help. Changed them back. The Roku 4 is connected to a 4k TV via the HDMI 60 Hz, 10 bit port for 4k viewing. Why would this happen sometimes and then stop?

Still having issues with the reloading. Playing recorded shows I get the reloading as well, to the point of not being able to watch the show. The 4k TV is connected via 5ghz WiFi and the speed is 81 Mbps. Monday will open a ticket with support to see if we can get this sorted out. So right now I am not sure if I am having Tablo or Roku 4 issues on the ultra HD HDML connection. I bought the lifetime subscription thinking Tablo would be great, but push comes to shove I will give Channel Master a try.

Our Roku 4, 3, and 2 (2015) work great now hardwired, and wireless, but we have a 1080p TVs.
Guess we’ll wait to upgrade to 4K TVs.
Sorry about your issues.
I hope your support ticket gets to the bottom of the issue, and gets resolved.

What version of Roku firmware is your Roku4 running?

Software ver 7.0, build 8906.

That’s the same Roku firmware version my Roku 4 has.
Again, no issues with 1080p.
I hope your 4K issue gets resolved, cuz I just came back from Costco, and was noticably drooling in the 4K TV aisle.

Sounds like some form of interference? How close are your neighbors? If relatively close, have you checked to ensure you are on different wifi channels than they are using?

I’m sure my neighbors thought I was trying to steal their wifi one day as I was walking around the edge of my property looking at their signals and noting the channels used so I could manually set mine as far away as possible.

What about other devices in your home being used more at a certain time of day? Cell Phone repeaters, LED or florescent lights, microwave ovens, garage door openers, refrigerator compressors, etc… I have stated a few times on these forums that my system works flawlessly, and it has until I installed a Roku just a bit too close to my refrigerator, now when the compressor kicks on I get a 2-3 second LPW screen.

Also you might go ahead and try the 2.5GHZ frequency, no not ideal but if the issue IS interference, that could help pinpoint it. Others have posted in the past that they had better luck on that frequency, but every hoe and system is different.

Thanks for the suggestions! I have decided to bypass the WiFi issues, although for the past 8 years worked on WiFi network mgt for a nationwide company. I currently have TP-Link ethernet power line adapters that connect the Tablo to my router. Just ordered (2) dual port adapters to connect both TVs and Rokus.
A side note: My 4k TV has a nice feature that shows your connection and tests the download speeds. While watch OTA I was seeing upper 1 to low 2 Mbps on the TV. Using Netgear’s Genie app shows the 4k TV WiFi connection currently at 102 Mbps, while both Rokus show 144Mbps connectivity. Running speedtest, after having some issues last week with Comcast after they lowered my service to 25Mbps (and I was not getting near that) it is now general showing pings of about 16ms, downloads of 20-25Mbps and uploads of 5Mbps. Yesterday, earlier in the day we had lots of issues with LPW but later in evening it was good. Sat. evening wanted to watch a movie on Amazon in HD, I got a message that the connection speed was only good enough for standard. I will update after I get the new power line adapters.

Installed 2 dual plug TP-LINK Ethernet power line adapters. Connected Roku And TV’s to each. I saw no improvement in connection speeds or improvement in the quality of my Tablo OAT experience. What I did start to experience is repeated circuit breakers popping in the rooms where the powerline adapters were plugged in. The powerline adapters are now on their way back to Amazon. I still have a pair of single port adapters to connect the Tablo to my router.
Also, for whatever reason, the continuous wait, reloading is now bearable.