Roku 3 update today

My Roku 3 FINALLY received the update to Roku 7.0 build 9021, This is a later build than my Roku 4 has. Thought others might want to check and force the update now instead of waiting.

All three of my Roku 3s got it yesterday. Seems to work well. I have not found any issues.


Thought the ROKU build numbers were different for different Models ?

My ROKU 3s build numbers are also higher than my ROKU 4


Yes they are.

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My Roku 3 is still on 6.2-3672. I’d kinda like to stay here as it is work fine for me now after the tablo update for Roku. I don’t do the Roku that much so maybe someone in the know can tell me if there is a button or check box or a way to hold off the update to 7.



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Anyone find the release notes for v7?

After updating my ROKU to V7 I noticed some issues with other streaming, NOT Tablo. Tablo still works fine. But streaming from Sling will now suddenly go to blank screen and it may be 30 secs before it comes back on. Never had this issue before. May happen several times over an hour. I realize this is a ROKU issue. Just wondered if anyone else is having this problem.

I had a weird issue with my Roku yesterday after v7 release. My remote completely lost connection. I couldn’t even use my phone app to control anything. Had to unplug the Roku to reboot. Never had that happen before.

I had the reboot issue just trying to launch a replay on WatchESPN. It happened every time for that particular game. I am on the R7 firmware.

I did have one reboot a few days ago on my Tablo app, but that has been it for the weeks that I have been on R7. I do get LPW at times, but it isn’t bad.

I saw that too on the WatchESPN app on Saturday. I think I scrolled down to the Channels line and tried to bring up a game that started at the top of the hour - it was 3 minutes past - and their guide was still showing the previous program. When I click ‘watch now’ on the previous program is when it rebooted. I think I confused it.