Roku 3 Fast Forward Rebooting

I have noticed while using the Roku 3 and watching a recorded show, when fast forwarding and stopping multiple times, it can occasionally get stuck and the roku reboots. We haven’t’ had our tablo for long (less than a month) and just started noticing this about a week ago. The Roku 3 and tablo are both hardwired. Any ideas? Thanks

Are you on Roku firmware 7.0 yet? That is being rolled out right now, but has not got to everyone yet. It appears to help some on the reboots, but not completely eliminate them. Tablo and Roku are still working on a fix for this. I suggest you open a support ticket. That may help Tablo support in their investigations.

I just checked. I am still on 6.2. I will wait for Roku 7.0 to rollout to see if that helps the issue. If not I will put a support ticket in. Thanks!