ROKU 3 Bit Rate Over-Ride helped my problem

I was seeing the “Loading - Please wait” messages on my ROKU 3 at the 1080P60 fps setting with version 2.2.2 firmware in my 4-tuner TABLO.

As a test, I entered the ROKU Bit Rate Over-Ride page clicking the Remote keys as follows:


At first I only enabled playback debugging and checked some TABLO streams. I got feedback like “Playing 1.5 MPS Stream on your 19.5 MPS Network” and another time “Playing 1.5 MPS Stream on your 39.1 MPS Network”. So why should I be getting “Loading - Please Wait” messages on the TABLO 1080P60 fps streams?

Next I changed the bit rate from Automatic to 3.5 Mbps and replayed some earlier recordings that had consistent “Loading - Please Wait” messages and did not see such messages any during a short observation.

I did a quick check of some Netflix streams and did not observe any problems.

Keep in mind these are initial observations only. However, the changes to the ROKU Bit Rate Over-Ride are safe and non-destructive and can be set back to original values with no harm done, in case others want to try this out and let us know the results.


Thanks! I just changed my Roku 3 and will test it when the disk is reconnected to the Tablo, and will post my results. No telling WHEN the disk will be reconnected, but I WILL have all my recordings. I started the process around 11:30 AM yesterday. I’m hopeful that by 5:00 PM tonight it will be done.

UPDATE: It turns out the movies that previously showed many “Loading - Please Wait” messages were from a 720P television source. I just recorded some live football from a 1080i television source and the “Loading - Please Wait” messages showed up again.

So this action I took was only a partial fix for some types of broadcasts, but may shed some new light on the problem anyway.

Gong back to “normal” 720P recording mode.

Perhaps TABLO initially could release a firmware patch to allow both 1080P30 fps and 1080P60 fps and let the user select whichever best suits his media player setup.

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Did you change the Roku back to Automatic?

To be clear for someone else that might come across this, “Back” means the fast backwards key, “Forward” means the Fast Forward key. It does bring up the bit rate override.

But I did it, but it made no improvement in “Loading.”

Yes, since it had always worked at 720p.

Further research seems to indicate manual bit rate settings revert to Automatic after a ROKU restart. Something to consider.

The 1080P60 fps derived from the 1080i source looked great before it started buffering. I am tempted to abandon ROKU if another player is available that will play these 1080P60 fps recordings without a hitch. Haven’t heard any user make that claim as yet.

Just to be on the same page, my understanding is that 1080i 30 fps source content records as 1080p 30 fps, and 720p 60 fps source content records at 720p 60 fps when using the ‘1080p’ recording quality setting with the 2.2.2 firmware.

The content providing issues for users is the 720p 60 fps content, not the 1080i content.

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That’s close to what we’re aiming for. Stay tuned for more details!

That has to be correct. Broadcasters do not have 1080i 60fps content, just 30fps. 60fps only is available for 720p content.

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